Top Rapper's Ex-Girlfriend Drops Major Files

She is breathing fire

By  | Jul 16, 2021, 07:25 PM  | Lesego "Flame" Mnyandu  | Top of the

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Flvme’s ex-girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle was breathing fire today after the rapper posted what according to tweeps is a line from popular musician Tory Lanez.

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Responding to Flvme's tweet, @AshleighOgle tweeted a screenshot of Flvme’s tweet warning him not to start with her.

Ashleigh also revealed that the rapper is a women beater, she said she and her lawyers have warned Flvme to stay away from her.

Her tweet read: “Lesego Kyle Mynandu DONT START! I will end you. I know too much and you’ve done too much! LEAVE ME ALONE little boy that beats women This time I will fight you back! I warned you to stay away, the lawyers warned you but you keep trying! LEAVE ME ALONE BEFORE I REACT!”
Tweeps took to the comments section to drag Ashleigh, they said Flvme's tweet had nothing to with her.

Jessie said Ashleigh should leave the rapper alone.
“You crazy you mad like crazy that lines ain't about you its line from tory lanez song, you trippin, you're the one should leave him alone”

@treyslatemusic: “Lol That's Just A Quote From Tory Lane'z Song And if you take things serious on this app uzohlanya so relax.”
Flvme recently took to Twitter to set the record straight after he was accused of stealing.

In a series of tweets @im_slimshawtytr accused Flvme of stealing a beat, he said if that beat was his, he would have taken legal actions against him.

"Give credit to the boy you stole a beat from...if it was my beat you stole I would've sued you by didn't sample that beat it sounded the stole it."
Clearing his name, Flvmes said he did not steal the beat he sampled it.
" Something is wrong with your hearing bruh... You’re just hating coz of peer pressure…This the “stolen” beat ? Can’t even sample in peace...Mara Keng," he wrote.

Tweeps supported Flvme confirming that he sampled the beat. Kri C responded: "All musicians in the world especially rappers use samples even big songs y'all listen to were sampled even_ SMA by Nasty c Was sampled from Adele's "Someone like you" song but nobody said shit !!! Leave Flvme alone!!!"

Bobby Blvck: "Man this...So urll now Attacking Flvme Cause he sampled but Urll jus like being on Flvmes case,80% of SA Producers Sample but urll never say sh*t, Juss leave Flvme alone man, Let the Guy Do What he Knows best."

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