Linda Mtoba the foodie

We're getting hungry just looking at these pictures. 

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If there is one celebrity that is doing the damn thing on Instagram, it's Mrs Husband aka Linda Mtoba. She can make your Instagram account look so average when you're out here thinking you're doing the most.

Apart from her great taste in fashion and travel, we can't help but also notice that Mrs Husband also eats well, after all, one cannot enjoy life without enjoying the finer delicacies of life.

From her breakfast to her lunch and dinner, every plate she shares has us salivating and craving the urge to run to the kitchen and whip up a similar plate of food.


Her breakfast posts are always the best, whilst some of us eat oats and down it with some tea or coffee, she would rather have a full decked-out meal....

...from enjoying a well prepared somewhat English breakfast....

Happiness is...

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Im always daydreaming about food. Yet all I can have currently is oats 🙂.

A post shared by Mrs Linda "Oyena" M (@linda_mtoba) on her flapjacks topped with bacon and cream.

I love scones. Butter, strawberry jam and extra extra cream 🤤.

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Ever heard of the half and half breakfast?

Had the most delicious breakfast. Half & half 🥞

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There is nothing like scones and cream cheese! Linda sure knows her food.

She also has quite the sweet tooth

& yes he couldn't wait 🙃

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And the carrot cake is always a winner.

No wonder Linda is such a happy person, she eats well. Summer body for who?

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