Highlights from Longwe Twala's #SenzoMeyiwa interview

For the first time, Longwe Twala has gone on air to share his side of the story.

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Senzo Meyiwa

After his father (Chicco Twala) had suggested to Metro FM's The Drive team to invite Longwe to have his say on the matter, within 24 hours the accused 33-year-old accepted the invitation and was interviewed live on air.

Longwe was asked by the Drive team how he felt about being accused of Senzo's murder and he replied by saying that he is deeply saddened by the accusations.

Longwe then went into detail about what happened in the house that night.

"I'm actually saddened that my own people can do this to me, I mean it was a robbery gone wrong. I was even the coward of the day 'cause I actually ran out as those gunmen actually came in and requested phones and money from us. I was actually the first to stand up to try & protect everyone, not realizing that the other guy also had a gun and pointed the gun at me and I actually ran out the door after he pointed the gun in self-defense. From then I was outside, I wanted to get help but it was late, the neighbors were even sleeping, I didn't even have my phone 'cause I left it at the house so I couldn't call the cops." Said Longwe


Longwe then mentioned that whilst he was outside a fight broke out between the robbers and Senzo as he was trying to protect Kelly as they were man-handling her.

Longwe continued to mention that what happened that night was "a robbery gone wrong". He also described how the robbers looked like. Longwe then again gave listeners an encounter of what happened in the house that fatal night.

"I stood up because I was scared, I didn't know what was going on, I was actually the coward of the day, let me put it that way. I stood up, 'cause I tried to fight one of the guys in order to defend everyone and defend myself but not knowing that he had a gun. So he pointed the gun at me and that's when I ran out the door 'cause I didn't know what was going to happen."

The 33-year-old was asked what they were all doing in the house before the robbers came in and he explained that they were all having Sunday lunch that was cooked by Kelly's mother. Longwe confirmed that at the time he was dating Kelly's sister - Zandie Khumalo and had gone to the house to see his girlfriend.

Longwe was asked again if there was anything else he recollects about that day & this is what he had to say.

"I don't know what happened in the house because I was not in the house at the time, all I heard was 3 gunshots from outside the house, but what I remember is that it was just chaos, we were trying to bring Senzo back, drove him to hospital & everything, only to find out the sad news that he had passed on."

Kelly Khumalo x Senzo

Longwe then said that they were questioned by the police sternly, but what he said next confused some listeners.

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"We've been investigated, we were investigated hardcore by police. They took our phones, I went in for questioning and everything...."

Masechaba then asked him which phones were taken to which he replied their personal cellphones, she then asked if it were the robbers or the police that took their phones to which he explained that the robbers did not take his phone.

"They couldn't take my phone because I ran out, I had my phone in my pocket, so they didn't take my phone. So then yeah they (police) took my phone just to check if I got any involvement in the murder & they didn't find anything we were acquitted by the police."

Longwe feels that the police need to get their forensic investigations right and find the killers.

 He has also suggested that Kelly Khumalo comes on air to also speak her part of the story.

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