Loyiso Bala's adorable moment with his daughter

The musician is having fun with his second daughter 

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Loyiso Bala and his second daughter

There’s no greater gift than the gift of bringing forth life and musician, Loyiso Bala and his wife, Jennifer Bala have had the opportunity of expanding their family as they recently welcomed their newest addition, baby Tori.

For two years, the Bala family had been in prayer, hoping to get pregnant with their second baby, so when they finally got their breakthrough, Loyiso and Jennifer couldn’t wait to announce that they were expecting.

"When something you’ve wanted for so long actually happens, you almost can’t believe it when it finally does..after 2 long years of yearning, praying, hoping and wondering we are beyond excited to receive this blessing,” Jennifer wrote on social media, announcing her pregnancy

If you follow the Bala family, you might’ve have noticed how much fun the couple has with parenting their first daughter Kenzie as they’ve shared various moments with her as she grows.

Loyiso Bala had also announced the exciting news on his social media pages expressing his anticipation for the arrival of baby number two and had commended his wife for her courageous spirit and strength as a mother. The musician recently took to Instagram to share his intimate moments with his newly born baby, Tori.

Watch the video below:

Parenting has no formula but by the looks of it, Loyiso Bala has chosen the conventional way of doing so and he seems to be doing a great job while he is at it. 

Loyiso is one happy present father and a family man that manages to prioritize his family regardless of his daily schedule and travels, and when it comes to parenting, the musician uses storytelling, colouring or reading books with his kids as some of the fun activities to do with them.

Loyiso Bala and his family

Although this might be a new transition for their 5-year-old daughter who now gets to play the role of a big sister to the new baby, the family has clearly been overjoyed with their miracle baby, who already has an Instagram account at just four months.

Loyiso Bala and his family
Loyiso Bala and his family

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