Lootlove Takes A Break Following Hospitalization

She is going through a lot right now

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Losing a loved on is painful and TV and radio personality Luthando "Lootlove" Shosha has not had it easy ever since the passing of her little brother Lukhanyiso "Luke" Shosha last year October.

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The former Metro FM presenter has revealed to her followers that her health has taken a knock and she needs to recuperate and take it easy before things become worse. Loot has been xperiencing severe migraines and they have ladder her in hospital. Although she did not reveal what the cause might be, she did ask that people who need to urgently communicate with her do so via other channels as she will be on a social media hiatus.

"Hey everyone. Just a note: I'm not well. Turns out these migraines are quite serious (landed up in ER). I'll be offline for a bit, please kindly contact Catherine for now: [email protected] for anything urgent. Thank you," she announced on her Instagram stories.

The mother of two has recently opened up about losing her baby brother; expressing her pain and grief as she learns to carry on living without the light that was her brother, Luke.

"The saddest thing about death is that sometimes you kind of “forget” they they’re gone… & then you want to call them because something only they would get happened/or you want to share exciting news… & then you remember that you can’t and the grieving starts all over again," she tweeted.

Her followers offered their support and some also shared stories about the pain of grieving.

2020 had showed Loot flames as she also saw the end of her relationship with rapper, Reason, the father of her twin girls. The two were one of the most popular local couples, with their twins affectionately known as Hip and Hop. But in May the star “shocked” fans when she announced that it is was all officially over. What followed were subliminals that King Loot would throw on Twitter by constantly referring to no-good men that could not keep it in.

However, despite the major losses she had suffered, the radio host was determined to close 2020 off with a positive attitude. She vowed to not allow it to win as she had managed to dust herself off and hold her head up high. We hope she finds the strength to keep going even in 2021, and that her family and close friends will eventually find healing as this is is still a fresh wound.

Another celebrity who is currently dealing with loss is Gomora actress Siphesihle Ndaba. Also known as her character, Mazet on the Mzansi Magic telenovela, Siphesihle opened up to her followers and fans about losing two people she loves dearly, which are her grandparents. 

What's even sadder is that her grandparents passed away two days apart. The young talent's grandfather passed away first, and two days later her grandmother also sadly passed. The star also revealed that she had just visited her granddad because she woke up missing him; wondering if that was actually him saying goodbye to her.

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