Mabutho Set To Return To The River In January

And Paulina might finally have a happy ending to her story.

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The River in season five arguably faced its worst season to date. This is as for four seasons before that the telenovela was touted as the best telenovela on television with the only matter being that of lead actress Larona Moagi as Tumi.

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However, after Larona was finally kicked off the Tshedza Pictures production, it was believed that the latest season would mark the best season yet. However, nothing could have been further from the truth as the latest season is arguably the worst season to date
Specifically, the reason has been reduced to the fact that this season started with a flash forward which saw Mabutho and Nomonde get married. Moreover, at the time, there was the cliffhanger in terms of the possible death of lead male actor and beloved co-star to Sindi Dlathu’s Lindiwe as uLala was killed accidentally by Mabutho. 
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Seemingly, this season’s storylines were attempting to catch up to this flashforward which resulted in The River’s worst season to date. But things seem to be on the up and up since December 2022, and January 2023 seems like it will continue as such as it has been confirmed that a fan-favourite character is returning. 

Mabutho set to return to The River in January

In May 2022 , viewers of The River were distraught when Lindiwe kicked Mabutho off a cliff after she learnt of his involvement in the diamond smuggling at Khanyisa Diamond. A storyline which was given to the character as the actor, Thembinkosi Mthembu, left the telenovela to work on the upcoming Shaka iLembe biopic
Considering the flashforward from the season five premiere episode, it was understood that Mabutho had to return to the telenovela sooner or later. However, in light of the multiple exits announced this year and the fact that the story seemed to deviate so much from the flash forward, there was no telling if Mabutho would return. 
However, it has been confirmed that Mabutho will be returning in January 2023. Currently, the matter of his storyline is unconfirmed. But it seems that Mabutho might be returning as a member of the Hlophe family. A fact which might explain why Lindiwe did not kill him upon his return. 

Wednesday 18 January 2023: Episode 248
"Survival isn't pretty" :
Mabutho saves the day. 
Moreover, this would explain how he could make all that money in a space of two months as The River season five is set to conclude in February 2023. While Mabutho’s relation with the Hlophes might explain his riches. A plotpoint that the story will need to figure out would be why the Hlophes were not at his wedding with Nomonde. 
Besides Mabutho’s confirmed return, it seems that Paulina might finally get happy ending during her last two months on the telenovela. This is as the teasers for January 2023 have confirmed that Angelina will spiral and lose something precious to her. 

Friday 27 January 2023: Episode 255

"Happiyly never after" :
 Angelina is shocked when something precious to her goes missing.

Hopefully, this means that Paulina will finally get her happy ending, much to the appraisal of the viewing audience who have not recovered from all the tragedy that they have had to watch Pauline go through for the past eight months of the story. 

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