Was Mandla N shading 7de Laan?

Or was he giving them actual props? 

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Was Mandla N shading 7de Laan?

As Mzansi Magic's prison drama, Lockdown, enters a highly acclaimed third season which trends every time it airs, one can't help but wonder if Black Brain Pictures and their head honcho, Mandla Ngcongwane are truly flattered by 7de Laan's equally popular prison story line. 

For weeks, SABC 2 viewers were glued to their screens as the soapie's new prison arc unfolded and this resulted in a rise in viewership numbers for a show that had previously seen steady losses. 

The story line even caught the attention of Ngcongwane who took to Instagram to give kudos to the soapie, in a caption that read "I'm glad we could inspire! When #lockdown makes denim the thing to be done. #trendsetters #trailblazer #blackbrainpictures"

Was Mandla N shading 7de Laan?
Was Mandla N shading 7de Laan?

Ngcongwane and his production house faced similar criticism after the premise of their show was first announced as it was immediately compared to popular U.S. prison drama, Orange Is The New Black and a similar storyline on eTV's flagship soapie, Scandal! 

In a past interview with Channel24, 7de Laan producers said that the idea for the story line came from wanting to show how people's true character is revealed when they are put between a rock and a hard place. 

"Stripped from what protects you, primitive nature emerges. This creates the ideal circumstances for lovely drama, interpersonal dynamics and character development," they said.

What are your thoughts on Mandla N's comments? Shade or nah? 

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