More details on why Marah Louw left The Queen

More drama unraveled about her departure from the show

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The actress has claimed that part of the reason she left was because of copyright infringements she saw within the drama's storyline. 

Marah explained that the storyline had resembled an incident she had written about in her biography - It's Me Marah.

"I refused because the storyline resembled an incident that is in my book. I told them that I was not going to r-enact my life in a soapie. I refused because it is the kind of incident that I would not want to go through again, let alone talking about it. I told them that they got the story from my book and there is a copyright issue involved. They asked another actress to act in the episode, which still hurt me."

After declining to act out the role, Marah said she was then summoned to a meeting with the producers of the show who told her that they had run out of ideas for her character.

Disheartened by the sudden news, Marah then went straight home and contacted her lawyer. 

Ferguson Films have not yet commented about the incident.

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