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Kgaogelo Moagi who is more commonly known by his professional moniker Master KG, is one of South Africa’s most acclaimed musicians and record producers. The 26 year old was born and bred in a small town in the Limpopo province, and has worked hard to make a name for himself in the South African music and entertainment industry.

Master KG began playing and experimenting with music beats when he was only 13 years old and this led him to become one of the best record producers in the country, and in 2016, he released Situation, first musical project and single. His career has continued on an upward trajectory and the fruits of his labor are evident, especially when you look at Master KG house and cars.

Picture source: @masterkgsa Instagram

The hitmaker is living his best life and has taken to his social media to show us a little glimpse of his assets, so lets take a deeper look at Master KG’s house and cars in his garage.

Master KG’s House

In a picture posted on Twitter the producer is seen standing in front of his massive house with a few of his cars parked outside in the garage. Although he was raised in a small town and a small house, he currently lives in one of the luxurious suburbs located in Johannesburg. His hard work has clearly paid off.

Picture source: @masterkgsa Instagram

In addition to Master KG owning a mansion, the music producer also decided to bless his resident Dj and friend Ngwazi with a new house. The world-renowned DJ definitely had half of Mzanzi shocked by this sweet, wonderful gesture. Ngwazi expressed his gratitude to the DJ for blessing him with a house which is apparently located in Midrand Johannesburg.

Picture source: @masterkgsa Instagram

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Master KG’s Cars

In celebration of his 23rd birthday, Master KG gifted himself a uniquely colored Volkswagen Golf 7 R line costing an estimated R750 000. Fellow musician and record producer Kabza De Small is also known to have the same mean machine.

Picture source: @masterkgsa Instagram

Master KG purchased a Ferrari to congratulate himself on all of the success that 2020 had brought him. The music producer has been on an unstoppable roll, celebrating Heritage Month and the fact that his massive track Jersualema has surpassed 150 million YouTube views.

Picture source: @masterkgsa Instagram

The Ferrari FF was priced at a whooping R6 million 

Master KG had an amazing year and as he entered 2021, he thanked his fans for allowing him to soar to greater heights. When crossing over into the new year the music producer shared a special message with his fans

"I will always remember 2020 because (it) is the year that I had my first global hit Jerusalema ft Nomcebo. Thank you world for making my dream come through...thank you GOD and my family for lifting me up for the whole world to see my all the Fans & everyone happy new year."

Picture source: @matserkgsa Instagram

It's clear to see that Master KG is winning in everything, from his album taking the world by storm to his international appearances. Looking at Master KG’s house and cars we hope he continues to win so that we can continue to gush over his assets.

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