Maumela On Why She's Still Single

The Muvhango actress recently opened up about her love life.

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Most actors have their own tales about the struggles of not being separated from their on screen characters. If it's not their legions of fans who keep referring to them as their characters on television then it is producers and casting directors who repeatedly offer them roles that have become some kind of a type cast.

One such actor is Maumela Mahuwa, popularly known by her on screen character, Susan Mukwevho on SABC 2's Muvhango. The talented star is currently on the cover of Drum Magazine as she spoke about her career, future endeavours and of course love life. One of the striking extracts from the interview was when Maumela shared with the publication that the dating scene proves to be quite a challenge as most prospect suitors view her as her character on Muvhango.

Maumela's real life aesthetic has somehow converged with that of Susan's as she is mandated to look as plain as possible hence her on screen character requires her to be. The Muvhango star also shared that her heart yearns for a break from the usual 'Susan Image''.

Speaking about her image, Maumela said the following:''Susan is a natural woman. She is a traditional Venda and does not wear long weaves, so i need to stay plain.''

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Securing a fixed role on a soapie is a dream come true for most actors, especially in South Africa, hence it provides financial stability in an actors real life. However the downside to this is that, it can prove to be difficult if the actor now wishes to expand their career as they fear that the audience might not be able to separate their new characters with the old ones's that they have come to be primarily known for

Expanding more on the above statement, Maumela said the following:''One day I would love to play an extreme role, like a lesbian, serial killer, just to get a break from goody - two - shoes Susan.''

During the interview, Maumela also touched on the abusive relationships that she had gone through in the past. One particular relationship that she spoke openly about on Drum Magazine was the one that ended back in the year 2013, which she described as abusive but has since moved from that dark period in her love life.

Maumela was willing to share the following about the horrendous treatment that she endured at the hands of a man that claimed to love her:''He started telling me that I was fat and ugly and things just became worse. When I attended church functions out of town he would call me before bedtime and we would speak on the phone the entire night.''

Maumela Mahuwa remains a firm inspiration to scores of people, with her touching story. And we are here for that!

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