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Muvhango actress Maumela Mahuwa popular for playing the character of Susan for more than ten years in the soapie has been trending on social media after a video of her rapping went viral.
Turns out Susan is also a musician who takes her music very seriously. The video, which has been trending on social media shows the actress performing one of her songs, I Believe.
The song will surprise many as it is very catchy and has some rap lyrics performed by Maumela. “A side of you is something like a dynamite, whatever you touch is going to come to light,” she sang.
The responses to the song on social media have been mixed with some saying that she “must stick to acting.”
Maumela is not the only Muvhango actor to pursue a career in music as we’ve seen the likes of Brian Themba and Dingaan venture into music.
In 2021 Dingaan dropped Ha Monate Jwang, an Amapiano single that was not that well received. Since the track came out, the actor has been subject to trolling on the web.
At the time of Riky Rick’s passing, a picture of the actor done by Rasta circulated on social media with social media users saying it was Riky.

The muvhango actor  to address the matter himself.

Speaking with disappointment he called out South Africans for being “childish” and not wanting to grow up.

“I’m coming to you guys with a very heavy heart. Very heavy heart because I’m sad, I’m embarrassed and I’m ashamed.
“Guys I’m not going to say anything about Riky’s passing. I don’t know Riky personally, but Riky is a brother in the arts. That’s not the reason why I am making this video. I am making this video because I’m ashamed, I am sad. I feel heart broken. Why am I saying this?’

He made it clear that the image was not of Riky but of him. He has reached out to Rasta to paint it for him so he can use it as a promo for his single.
“I have seen Riky passed away yesterday, today the entire day I’ve been receiving pictures from people. Pictures that were drawn by Rasta by the way, let me just clarify something…
“The portrait that Rasta made, he made it for me last year December when I released my album. He did not make the picture for Riky. The audacity that you people have of taking that picture and making it a mockery out of it
,” he said in part.
He also slammed those making a mockery out of Riky Rick’s death.
“Why would you take Riky’s death and make mockery out of it. Guys Riky is a father, Riky was a husband, Riky was a son, Riky was a brother, Riky was a friend. How do you think Riky’s family feels at this moment, when you are busy circulating my picture and saying rest in peace Riky?
Main Picture Credit: Maumela Mahuwa Instagram Account
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