Rasta Applauded For Hilarious Chicken Licken Ad

So has he known all along that his pieces were a joke?

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Image of Rasta
Rasta is a professional artist, but he is not exactly famous because of his magnificent art. But it seems that he has finally accepted himself for who he is, and it has paid off in a big way. 

The artist recently starred in a commercial advertisement by fast food company Chicken Licken. In the advertisement, he is applying for a job as a police department sketch artist. But as he hands over his trial sketch to the head of the police department, the boss drifts off to imagine what it would be like to have Rasta working for them. 

In his imagination, he pictures a disaster. Seeing as he has such poor sketches, he confuses the police all over the region, causing them to harass and arrest innocent citizens. The confusion gets so bad that the police chief himself eventually gets confused for a criminal and his own staff almost arrest him. At that point, he decides that it would be a terrible idea to hire Rasta, and hands him back his papers. 

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The ad has been received with tremendous excitement across the country. Social media users are excited that the artist has finally gotten his moment in the spotlight. 
But it was also hilarious because for years, people have wondered whether Rasta actually knows that his artwork is terrible. Since he continued to share the art with no sign of improvement, his fans have long assumed that he believes his hype. 
However, with the new advertisement, it looks like he knows that his drawings are bad, which is why he agreed to do an advertisement that pokes fun at his work. It seems like he knows that his paintings are perceived as a joke all over Mzansi. 
It’s great, though, that even as he had to deal with the disappointment of knowing that his artwork is perceived as a joke, he has found the bright side of it. In the midst of having everyone make fun of him, he has turned the trolling into something that can make him money, and is now aggressively chasing the bag. 

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Even so, Rasta has shown some progress in his art skills. The most recent painting of his that went viral was the one he did of the late F.W. De Klerk when he died. And while we have certainly all seen better out here, it was some of Rasta’s finest works yet. 

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Congratulations to Rasta on his magnificent win, and we are excited to see where his career takes him, whether it’s as a serious artist, or along the line he has taken. 
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