Getting to know Mbali Ngiba

She is not just an actress, she is also an amazing singer

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mbali Ngiba  | Top of The

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Our Tuesday appreciation shout out goes to the multi-talented, Mbali Ngiba who is known for her roles on Greed & Desire, iSibaya and iSthembiso.

Although Mbali may not be the main character in some of these local stories, her presence is always appreciated whenever she appears on the screen.

Remember when she gave this impressive performance? We can never forget this slap.

Apart from her acting and portraying characters who are quite feisty, Mbali knows how to not take life too seriously and occasionally treats her followers to some hilarious Instagram videos.

Mbali is also embarking on her music career and it looks like she'll be releasing a Mbaqanga album soon.

What we've also come to appreciate about the actress is the close friendship she has with her fellow cast members and how she loves and respects the craftsmanship that she shares with her fellow cast members.

We hope to see more of Mbali on our TV screens and on the radio with the new journey she's embarked on as a musician as well.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@mbaliyesizwengiba

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