Is Lasizwe Ready To Be Someone's Side Piece?

He shot his shot

By  | Nov 14, 2021, 02:28 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Lasizwe Dambuza, the self-proclaimed president of the LGBTQ+ in South Africa, is now “suffering from success”. Just a few days back, he announced that he was looking for a boyfriend. Well...he did come back to say that what he’s looking for is a friend who is a boy to do boyfriend things with, but who isn’t his boyfriend. If you manage to unravel this one, please explain it to us. We are confused. 
Either way, the fans took serious notice of the vacancy, and haven’t stopped shooting their shot. Recently, he has been fielding requests left and right from men who want to be his boyfriend, and even from women who are offering to be his friend, with whom he can do boyfriend things. But he has just told one person that he has enough friends, and probably doesn’t want any more. Ouch! 
Screenshot: Instagram Stories
The contenders are so many that Lasizwe is having to field them on both Instagram and Twitter. On Sunday afternoon, Lasizwe went on his Instagram stories and requested fans to ask him anything and he would answer.
Screenshot: Instagram Stories

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One of the questions was from someone who, from context, was Lasizwe’s old flame but they never got to be together. Another question (possibly by an old flame, maybe the same one) asked him whether they could still have a shot to be together, and he directly dared them to break up with their boyfriend for him! He is the prize and he knows it! You go Nomatriquency!!! 
Screenshot: Instagram stories
Screenshot: Instagram Stories

But perhaps the most surprising request is from one anonymous commenter who wants to be with Lasizwe even though he (the commenter) is in a relationship. From the flow of the questions and answers, we are going to hazard a guess that it is the same former flame from the previous question, and phew! Chile!
Lasizwe immediately pointed out the audacity of a man to directly ask him to be his side piece, with no shame whatsoever. “How can you holla at me while you are still in a full relationship? Like, men are scary. Like, that is some scary sh*t!” Lasizwe ranted. Clearly he was shocked at the request, and so are we. I mean, I guess it’s better than being indirect? No? Okay. Still very shocking to outright ask someone to be your secret partner while you carry on a relationship with someone else.
Screenshot: Instagram Stories
What makes it that much dumber is that Lasizwe clearly has options. On the other side, Tweeps were shooting their shots at the comedian as well. One fan posted saying that a lot of men would change their sexuality for Lasizwe, starting a thread of people shooting their shots at the young talent.
This is all very exciting because as far as we know, Lasizwe is single and searching. It would be great if he could find that special someone to go vacationing with, as that is what started the boyfriend-recruitment conversation. 
It is also great to know that the young man has a conscience and would never be with someone who wasn’t exclusively with him. He knows what he wants, and he won’t settle for less. It’s just surprising that someone who had been in his life like the previous posts had suggested, would not know his dating preferences. Either way, that was a lot of audacity for a calm Sunday afternoon! 

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