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Meriam Kaxuxwena is living her best life and spending the big bucks. The model and former Miss Namibia contestant has found a home in Miami and has been spending some time with the greats such as Floyd Mayweather. 

The Namibian born model has been living it up in Miami, Florida for a while now and it seems like she plans on living there for a while, she’s even put it in her Instagram bio.

Recently the international model took to Instagram to share a fun night out with her friends to her Instagram followers. She shocked her Instagram followers by flaunted stacks of dollars on her Instagram.

She can afford it, so why not?

She spent her well earned money on strippers at a strip club who even gave her the ultimate performance.
Meriam flaunts hundreds of ones on her story.

 This is not too surprising the model has made it known that she supports women taking control of their bodies and  doing what they like with their bodies, as the founder of both a lingerie company and swimwear company and having graced the world stage in bikinis and lingerie it is clear to see that Meriam is a big proponent of women owning their sexuality
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Image credit: Instagram/Meriam Kaxuxwena

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