Rhythm City: Bring Back Moshidi Motshegwa's Naomi

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Actress Moshidi Motshegwa, who played the role of super-bitch Naomi on Rhythm City, single-handedly raised the show's profile with her crazy attitude and hilarious one-liners.

Naomi's shenanigans had viewers on the edge of their seats as she kidnapped, threatened, and hysterically spiralled out of control as she desperately tried to win Miles Vilakazi’s love.

Since Naomi left Rhythm City, the show hasn’t been quite the same for some viewers (including us), as we yearn to see more of Naomi’s madness.

Naomi had us rolling on the floor with laughter whenever she switched to her Tsotsi-taal phrases.

Whenever she said "Oho, Jerusalema" or "Ma thousand", you knew Naomi was ready to spew fire to whoever stood in her way.

One of her most notorious lines was when she had a fallout with her ex-partner, Patricia. 

In the argument, Naomi said: “Patricia, palama taxi o khuhlele Venda o lo ja di avocado le bo mamago (Patricia, get a taxi to venda and go eat avocado with your mother)."

We couldn’t believe Naomi actually said that on national TV, but then again, this is "Ma thousand" we’re talking about.

Since her exit from Rhythm City we’ve seen little of Moshidi on our television screens.

In an interview with Sowetan Live, the actress mentioned that she was working on registering for her Master's Degree.

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Hopefully when she’s done with her studies, Moshidi will return to our screens. We miss her bold and conniving self on the show!

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