Mshoza Made Her First Million When She Was Only 15

They don't call her Kwaito's first lady for nothing

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Kwaito star got into the entertainment industry very early on in her life. She made her first million when she was only 15-years-old.

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Many of us were not thinking about work when we were 15 years old but Mshoza was already working and making a lot of money.

Speaking to TshisaLive some years back, she said, "I was ambitious. I used to tell my mom that rich people do not wake up before ten and that when I am rich she must not wake me up before then. Then I became rich. I went to Jam Alley. Trust me‚ they used to give us so much money in boxes. I didn’t even know how much money there was. From there‚ I got a record deal. It was all happening for me. I had made my first million at 15."

Although she does not know where the money went, she went on to say, I don’t know how I dealt with the temptation of having all that money or where that money went. I bought cars. I crashed cars. I didn’t even have a license."

Unlike many other child stars, she was not surrounded by yes people, she says that she wasn't allowed to drink, smoke, or even go out after eight at night.

Mshoza's career took a dip after her divorce but she is currently on a comeback trail that has many people talking.

Image credit: Instagram/mshozabhoza1
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