Nadia Nakai And Blxckie Nominated For A BET Award

The rappers react with excitement

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South African rappers Nadia Nakai and Blxckie expressed excitement over being Nominated at this year's BET UK Hip Hop awards. 

Both Nadia and Blxckie are contending for the Best International Flow award. They compete with other international stars such as Benjamin Epps, Black Sherif, Haviah Mighty, Tasha & Tracie Okerekere, Knucks, Le Juice and Central Cee.
You can catch who won this award and many more on BET October 4 as the awards will be hosted by MC Fat Joe. 

The nominees expressed excitement over this nod.
Nadia has been trolled so many times for her rap skills with people saying her talent is wasted. She grew tired of the bullying when she deactivated her Twitter for a while. 
Nadia said the app is very toxic and has gotten worse over the years, “It’s very toxic! It’s always been bad but like it’s gotten worse! All you see on Twitter is people hating on each other, talking sh*t about each other! Bringing people down, and these blogs actually take things from Twitter and write stories about it,” she said.
“Twitter is a credible source now? Clickbait is a hella drug. I can’t do it. Nothing is celebrated there. There’s zero common sense there. I enjoy being happy. That place is just sh*t.” she lashed out.
Here are some of the nasty comments from people: 
"She fumbled the bag, Cassper gave her the hit song Naa Mean and made sure Bragga is available at sportscene, now she's just performing where AKA is being booked and people are saying she's being booked every weekend, no she's just a hype woman now."
"She fumbled the bag, she will no longer get booked for Fill Ups and SAs Most wanted. Who tf gonna book her now?"
"At this moment the only thing I know is that Nadia Nakai she is AKA’s girlfriend. Apparently she has 2 single out now but they are outshine by her relationship. She is an influencer now. Luckily she has the looks, that’s the only thing keeping her in the game."
"I was waiting for a woman to say this! She really downgraded! How do you date your brother's enemy mara?"

Nadia's relationship with AKA took center stage and not her music. Even the Podcast And Chill team said theirs is a publicity stunt.  “For me it’s weird, it makes no sense. To me, it strikes me as one of those arranged publicity stunts because when I watch them there’s no chemistry.” said MacG 
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