Black Lives Matter: Nandi Mngoma speaks

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In a moving Instagram post, Nandi Mngoma has taken a stand against the violence targeted at black males. "A black man since colonialism and slavery has been stripped of his duty to be a man and to be a man that can live a dignified life" the post reads.


Off course ALL lives matter... Male, female.. Black and white. But these senseless attacks on Black Males have to STOP! I added the male because it seems to be the males being targeted. I remember someone said to me when I was younger, the best way to cripple a society is target the men first. Because a man in any society generally takes the role of being a protector of that society. But when they themselves are under threat that role is undermined and diminished and a society will fall apart. We saw it during apartheid, slavery etc. Pride is a common trait for men.. They typically pride themselves of being able to protect their loved ones, family etc. when that is taken away from them.. They feel useless, worthless and ashamed. I want people to understand that this fight is not about colour but about justice and that a certain race group, like certain religions, sexes etc. are constantly victims in humanity. A black man since colonialism and slavery has been stripped off his duty to be a man and to be a man that can live a dignified life. What happened to Walter Scott in America and so many before him is inhumane and uncalled for. We need to unite against all of these injustices that continue to poison our earth as whites, blacks, male and female of all religions and cultures. We need to fight for justice and humanity!👊💔 The fight is not about race, but rather about good vs evil. There are many people of other race groups who are also sick and tired of what's going on in America. #Humanity #BlackLivesMatter #RIPWalterScott #EnoughIsEnough #NoFilterJustSadness #ALLlivesmatter

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This comes after a white police officer, Michael Slager (33) was charged with the brutal murder of  Walter Scott (The hashtag #RIPWalterScott has since trended across the world) as reported in the New York Times on April 7. It is not the first time such a crime has been committed, nor will it be the last. Most of us still remember the chilling story of Eric Garner, especially as, while he was trapped in a chokehold by a police officer, kept insisting, "I can't breathe".

What has shocked Nandi Mngoma, as well as many others around the world is the fact that had it not been for the man who took the video of this brutal murder (he chooses to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation ) the officer would've likely gotten away with murder!

I'm sure some people are wondering, "This is an international issue; why does Nandi care? Why does DJFresh care? Why does Anele Mdoda care? Why does Maps care?"

The story is not unique to America. We all still remember #JesuisCharlie right? Who remembers the hundreds of rotting bodies murdered in Nigeria at the hands of Boko Haram that weekend ? What happened to #bringbackourgirls ? What of the Kenyan massacre victims ? Do you remember the shameful image of the burning man during the South African xenophobic attacks ?

As Nandi urges in her post, "We need to fight for justice and humanity. The fight is not about race, but rather about good vs evil".



The real war is not about any race, religion or gender but rather Good vs Evil.. Let's unite for Good!👊❤️ #Peace

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It really is heartwarming to see our Zalebrities use their fame, influence and reach for worthy causes. Nandi Mngoma has about 147k followers on Instagram and we can only hope, as she did, that her posts have touched hearts and will inspire others to stand up for change.

To quote the lyrics of John Legend and Common's Oscar-winning song,  Glory, 

"they say stay down and we stand up", 

Nandi Mngoma stood up, is it time for the rest of us to stand up? 


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