Exclusive: Nkanyiso Shezi On Landing His Big Break On Rented Family

The actor portrays the troublesome character of Mzwa on the SABC 1's hit sitcom.

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The energy that multi-talented actor Nkanyiso Shezi exudes is definitely infectious, and his endearing personality and enthralling performances on our small screens has won the hearts of many since he landed his big break into the cut-throat entertainment industry.

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The effervescent 26 year old who portrays the role of Mzwandile on SABC 1's hit sitcom Rented Family says he is excited to be making his return to our small screens. The sitcom air every Sunday at 9:30 pm with a double bill episodes and it returned with two seasons .
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ZAlebs recently caught up with the young actor who has become a household name to dive deep into his personal life and his acting career.

Nkanyiso who hails from Underbeg in the Kwazulu-Natal province, describes himself as a go-getter who is eager to live dream, and believes he is destined for greatness.

The actor who graduated with a National Diploma in Drama, from the Durban University of Technology says, when he auditioned for the role he was very anxious because if he didn't get it, he was going to go back home.
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"I got an agent when I got to Johannesburg while I was down and out. I was staying with my brother and my agent sent me to Sasani Studios to audition for the role, and I prepared for it because it was the only thing that I had if i didn't ace the role in 3 months time, i was going to go back home because in Johannesburg if you don't pay rent you are out. I went back to Durban for my graduation and when i was back in Johannesburg I got a call that I had landed the role. I didn't even go for the call-backs by the grace of God," he explains.

The thespian plays a ghetto cheese boy on Rented Family who was raised by a single father, who is a township millionaire. His father has his hands dipped in various solid business ventures, and Mzwa is a spoiled brat who is always landing him self in hot water.

Nkanyiso says when he bagged the role he was perplexed to learn that he will be working with the likes of Trevor Gumbi and Linda Sebezo, but they groomed him and working with them was nothing short of amazing.
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His character has many glued to their television screens due to his enthralling portrayal of it. Nkanyiso says he can relate to his character because he also had a challenge in discovering what he wants in life "I relate to Mzwa because he faces a lot of challenges about discovering what he wants to do in life, he takes a gap year in in the second season which I did also after completing high school."

The actor says his experience in the Television industry has been a learning curve, but since he bagged the role his life has not changed much.

He says he serves as a beacon of hope to those who have given up in life, especially where he comes from "My life has not changed a lot but in terms of where I come from, I have brought a lot of hope, I have become a symbol of inspiration. There are people who have also changed my life so I want to use this platform to inspire those who have lost hope."

He says having lost both his parents that did not deter him from following his dreams instead, he wanted to make hi grandmother proud. "My grandmother is very proud of me I remember when I made my Television debut she used to hear from people that they saw me on TV because there was no TV at home and she would get very excited. I come from a family of many children who also look up to me so I need to make them proud."
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Nkanyiso says growing up in a farm he wanted to a different lifestyle and career field for himself and his love for acting started at a tender age. He says when he went to study acting at DUT he realized it was indeed his true calling.

"I moved to Durban with my mother when I was young and I started participating in a lot of community projects and theatre plays, when I was doing second year at DUT I realized that acting is what I wanted to do in my life,"

The industry is known for being fickle and job opportunities are few and far between, but sometimes diversifying our talents helps. Nkanyiso says he is lucky that he is also multi-talented.

"There were time after shooting Rented Family where i was like whats next? I remembered that I am talented and I can do both Television and theatre and i work at the Johannesburg theatre as an Assistant Producer Intern and on Television I am still trying to get gigs," he explains.

Nkanyiso says the lockdown period has affected him tremendously because he could have done so much like gigs, meeting his fans, doing promos, do charity work.

The actor says his versatility can enable him to portray an role, but on Television he can play a teenager and a male in his 20's.
"I'm open to bigger productions and soapies, and I believe that as an actor you have to be versatile so any role that I can get as an artists I have to share my knowledge and touch lives," he says.

Nkanyiso says his future plans in the industry includes doing what he does but on bigger scale including acting and producing.

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