Nokuthula Mavuso Accepts Ancestral Calling

She spent a long time running from it

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Abomama's Nokuthula Mavuso has revealed that after spending a long time running away from her ancestral calling, she has finally accepted it.

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The actress who is Gogo Manzi amongst traditional spaces posted a picture on Instagram making a comparison between her former self (when she was still running from her ancestral calling) and now (when she has answered her calling.

When Nokuthula was asked what signs did she get that confirmed that she had the calling, she said, "Too many to mention. 'Dreaming' while awake. Knowing names of people I had no business knowing. Things that happened in the past or what was to happen in the future. Dreaming of herbs, etc"

Nokuthula's revelation was met with praise, although some tweeps did not shy away from mentioning that every ZAleb is answering an ancestral calling these days. Which makes people wonder if some ZAlebs are truly called or they have turned this into some sort of fashionable thing, a trend that they are following.

Early this year, Masechaba Ndlovu also revealed that she is now a trained Sangoma after accepting her ancestral calling.

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eHostela actor  Mlungisi Mathe who played the role of Themba is also another ZAleb that has opened up about his ancestral journey. He said that the journey is the hardest thing one can ever do, “I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. The gift of healing people is hard because you lose yourself. Amadlozi are using and getting their chance of life through you. I found out I had Amadlozi before I was even 15."

Mlungisi said that there were spirits that haunted him but he had no idea what was happening. He would sometimes get dreams and visions and so it took some time for him to finally accept that he was called because he did not understand what was happening. 
"I was confused and had no one to guide me and tell me what was happening. The fact that I took some time to accept it was a problem. A lot of things got ruined. When you take time to accept a calling, Amadlozi think you’re being disrespectful.” 

While we are on the topic of ancestors, Somizi recently opened up about the importance of being in tune with your ancestors.

He said, “There is something that we take for granted, that your ancestors will fight your battles, they will guide you, protect you, enlighten and that happens when we lose certain people that we thought they are our rides or die because our ancestors see what we can’t see with our naked eye,…They see the plots, the connivingness, jealousy and hate that our so-called either friends or soulmates hide from us.”

“I am saying to you, be in tune with your spirituality, be in tune with your ancestors so that you know that sometimes certain things have to happen for you to move to another level. If you are spiritually in tune you will understand that immediately.”

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