When Life Was Not Worth Living

Nokuthula's experienced some dark times in her life

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Sometimes living life can be such an extreme sports, one moment things are going smoothly then the next minute you are ducking and diving at every problem that is coming your way.

But what's great about life's problems is that you soon come to realise that you're not alone in this rat-race, if anything we're all in the same struggle trying to keep calm in the midst of this on and off storm.

One actress who has expressed her hardships about life is AboMama & The River actress - Nokuthula Ledwaba.

Nokuthula opened up about a difficult time in her life that had her almost giving up on herself and life in general.

In a single tweet, the actress expressed how she didn't see herself living beyond 2001, saying:

"There was a time I never saw myself living beyond 2001. Desperately wanting to die. Depression and anxiety...real MFs. I'm here still. Grateful. Loving living even when life kicks at my shins every now and again. I'm here. 

We must admit, that is a very unfortunate way to live but, like the true trooper she is, Nokuthula quickly came to realise that in life, one needs to always have a positive outlook, no matter how bleak things may seem at that moment.

What we also appreciate about this tweet is that Nokuthula never gave up on herself, 18 years later she now acts on some of the most popular local drama series in the country.

Now imagine if she threw in the towel back in 2001?

So if you're reading this, don't give up, when life kicks you down you make sure that you get right back up because life will never get easier but tougher, so why not get a tough skin while you're at it?

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