Nomzamo Enjoys SA Cuisine With Oprah

What a treat for thanksgiving

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Nomzamo Mbatha has been living it up in the States for well over a year right  now so you can imagine her taste buds when Oprah Winfrey prepared a Thanksgiving meal solely dedicated to South African cuisine.

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Taking to Instagram the media personality, Oprah Winfrey shared that they had a pre-thanksgiving meal at their home with Nomzamo Mbatha and other women from Africa.

It was SA food galore and the food does look appetising. On the menu was chakalaka which they descried it as sautéed cabbage with carrots, slow cooked bobotie which is braised beef with potatoes, peri-peri chicken, peri-peri shrimp, bunny chow which was enjoyed with roasted chicken and roasted bread cut in a bowl like shape, samp and beans and yellow rice. For desert they had malva pudding.

Oprah managed to pronounce the dishes pretty well and when she panned the camera to the table, her man Stedman Graham raised his fist up and chanted 'amandla' which translates to power.

"We had a pre-Thanksgiving feast at our house. South African cuisine 🇿🇦 to welcome my girls home. And yes there was malva pudding for dessert. All deliciously prepared by Chef @raymond_weber. Thanks for giving my daughter girls a taste of Home."

Nomzamo commented and thanked her for reminding them of what home tastes like, "Took us straight home! A homecoming feast."

Nomzamo Mbatha featured in the highly successful film Coming To America and did a stellar job. But she was criticised for her accent with Zakes Mda slamming her for faking an African accent, which she originally has.

“Oh I agree completely about the accent! For some reason the actress had to change her SA accent, which is African, into something else that she and her director imagined to be an 'African accent' in keeping with the 'African accents' of the African American actors.

"I mean I would go along with that explanation if this was an imaginary accent for an imaginary country. But it's a generic accent that African Americans use when they play African characters whether they're Ugandan, Nigerian or South African.”

Eddie Murphy who played lead in the film, praised Nomzamo and her acting skills adding that she made him realise that his African accent is horrible. Murphy plays the role of King Akeem of Zamunda in the sequel.

“She's a wonderful actress. Beautiful. We had a great time working together. She made me realise how shitty my African accent is; I thought it was good but she came with a real one and I realised that mine is horrible.”

Nomzamo had to be reminded of the heartbreak of losing her younger sister who would have turned 27 this month. Carla committed suicide in 2014 as she was suffering from depression.

"Year 7. Every year I bring flowers, a heart in pieces and tears of agony. This year I brought balloons and a heart on the mend to peace and halfway to true acceptance. Heavenly 27th birthday to my twin and baby sister @carla_hd ... who loved DEEPLY AND LOUDLY. When she chose you, she truly chose you and would be your first line of defense like a true Scorpio. She was brave and true, honest, extremely kind and seriously funny. Courageous in every way, beautiful on all fronts and my very own soft landing. I will love her for all my days on earth and miss her equally as much."

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