Nonku Williams Like You've Never Seen Her Before

The reality star has many layers

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It is surprising that Nonku Williams has only been in the entertainment industry for less than 5 years because the reality star is a natural, she was destined to grace our television screens.

Three years ago, South Africans had no idea who Nonku Williams was until she got on the first season of the Real Housewives of Durban and since her television debut, the rising star has solidified herself as one of the most polarising figures in this part of the world.

On the Real Housewives, Nonku is a multi-layered character that is not afraid to be herself and she constantly shows us her true parts, sometimes those parts might be ugly but most times they are beautiful to watch. Even though Nonku may rub viewers off the wrong at times with her antics, one thing is for sure, she is television gold.

In the second season of the Real Housewives of Durban, fans praised her for carrying the season for the second time in a row.

Although we know that Nonku is a mom, the show that she is on hardly shows that side of her, so when she shares her life as a mother with fans, we are always happy to see her under a different scope and it is very endearing.

Nonku is a mom of three kids, a girl and two boys and sometimes, she opens up about her life as a hands-on mom. A couple of days ago, Nonku took to Instagram to wish her daughter a happy birthday with a heartfelt note, "Today marks the special day in my entire life…the day God decided I became a Mom when I gave birth to this precious angel. @nothileeeee you are every mother’s dream. So loving, nurturing and have a heart of gold…so full of wisdom and you’re only turning 15! My gosh where did the time go? so many people love and adore you but then again who wouldn’t? I pray Psalm 91 over your life! If I could only shield you from this cruel world I’d do it in an instant…but I know God has assigned His Holy angels over your life to guard and protect you. May you never know any lack, may you continue growing in The Knowledge and Fear of Him. You’re Blessed, Highly Favoured and Set Apart. Love you my princess now and forever," she gushed.

This was not the first time the media personality shared images or special messages about the close bond she has with her kids. On Christmas day, Nonku took the opportunity to share another special moment of her and her family with her fans, 'The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other From mine to yours: Merry Christmas," she wrote.

She also shared cute pictures of her and her last born.

On the season finale of the show this past Friday, Nonku got real about her struggles, she allegedly admitted to possibly having a drinking problem, the star bravely admitted that she drinks to escape the harsh realities of life, "I’ve been hinting that I’m going through some stuff… because there is just a lot on my plate. A lot of things that I’m dealing with, you know? Being a single parent and there’s is a lot on me. I don’t want to call it a burden but at times I just feel so alone that I had to really, really look into this thing (drinking alcohol) that you guys said you were concerned about,” she explained.

Nonku also revealed that she takes anxiety pills, "I can maybe say or confess that at times I would drink to escape reality and I just can't cope. I live on anxiety pills by the way. I take them to go to bed at times because there's just so much that I am dealing with," she said.

In one of the earlier episodes of the show, Nonku and her mom spoke candidly about the time her mom was also struggling with alcohol.


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