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A big congratulations to YouTuber Sbahle Mzizi who is a new homeowner. Sbahle is one of Mzansi’s popular babies, she has almost one million followers on Instagram and over 50 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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Her mother actress Ntando Duma announced that she is building a house for her baby girl.

Sharing a picture of the new home on her Instagram stories, Ntando wrote: "Now that we have built for mama, let's build for my little one."
Earlier this year Ntando shared that a stranger gave her R1000 for being a great mother.

She tweeted:  “A guy gave me 1K at Moja Cafe today as a token of appreciation for being a great mother to my daughter, she said. He said watching me effortlessly doing it helped him a lot with raising his own kids. He said A LOT and my heart is so, so warm,” Ntando tweeted.

"Did I not start weeping at a groove! Yho! Bab’ Mndebele If you see this tweet just know that you’ve given me even more courage and strength to continue doing this ngokuy’khandla nango Thando (with love and dedication). I actually have no words Kodwa izandla zidlula ikhanda Ngiyabonga (I am amazed thank you).”
The actress has raised her daughter well, on one of her Instagram posts, Ntando revealed that she started reading for Sbahle since she was pregnant. She said this helps to improve a baby’s vocabulary and mathematical skills.

She regularly shares videos of her baby girl learning and showcasing her great speech and maths skills.  

"People often compliment @SbahleMzizi on how smart she is and ask how I did it. I was lucky that I started reading to Sbahle since I was pregnant. Babies who were read to as newborns have a larger vocabulary, as well as more advanced mathematical skills, than other kids their age. It is never too early to start reading for your baby. Start today. Follow @GrowGreatCampaign for more tips for raising healthy babies. #GrowGreatness," wrote Ntando.
Ntando recently finished building her mother's house. She said this was the proudest moment of her life.

“Still the proudest and biggest highlight of my existence. Building my mom a house. @splashcoatingsafrika I cannot thank you enough for painting my mom’s house so beautifully and for allowing her to choose the color of her choice and dreams! Your work is incredibly amazing and thank you again for everything. Makwande,” she wrote on Instagram.

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