Ntsiki Mazwai Trolls Nota

This after he gave relationship advice

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Ntsiki Mazwai is not a fan of the controversial Nota Baloyi, despite having interacted in the past, painting a picture that they fans of each other. Nota, in one of his not-so-surprising rants took aim at the popular female celebrities saying they are not as rich as they make themselves to appear.

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Nota was referring to Winnie Ntshaba's role as a sugar mummy MEC on the new Showmax series, Adulting. He said she is not rich enough to become a sugar mummy.

"Winnie Mashaba can’t afford a Ben10 in real life. Your female celebrity are all broke women. Every single one of them is a broke woman. What’s worse is that they don’t even have rich fathers, they date men with money thinking they’re dating someone’s rich father. Get a degree ho!" ranted Nota Baloyi.

Ntsiki told women to not allow men such as Nota and podcaster Penuel to gaslight into thinking they are not wife material.

“Sisters……. Stop being gaslit by the likes of Nota and Penuel…….. I don’t see them with happy wives next to them. All their advice…. It all stems from bitterness. Do you ladies. Not all men are scared of providing for women. You can’t be out here giving relationship advice and you’re unstable. We will take relationship advise from men who have happy wives.”

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Ntsiki once perceived Nota as a danger to society when he trolled minister Fikile Mbalula and his wife.

"Fikile Mbalula’s wife paid her lobola… She married herself to a “Nkwenkwe” who refused to get circumcised & still rolls back his foreskin in his late 40’s. Other than ensuring she helps him benefit from corruption, she also paid for the abortions she forced on his girlfriends!"

Ntsiki is not afraid to unlike someone she openly liked as soon as their content does not align with her beliefs. She once followed and endorsed Musa Khawula who turned around and said some insensitive things on just about everyone, including or more especially Lerato Kganyago.

"Yazi .... mina after seeing that Leraro Kganyago video, I unsubscribed to Musa Khawula YouTube ........ That video showed how much pain the content causes......I can't add my energy to that It's not ok. She is right.....we subscribers are part of the problem I'm out" wrote Ntsiki Mazwai.

"So, guys we actually have to talk about why me consume the Musa Khawula content. Initially, I was part of the like, giggling crew but we have to think about why we get excited about hearing horrible stuff about other people and things that actually hurt other people. So, you know after realizing how much hurt it causes, I am not, if somebody or an entity is taking out so much negative energy and I am consuming it, what that actually doing to me" said Ntsiki Mazwai in a video.

Ntsiki assured fans she is not like Nota and never will be, "I'm nothing like Nota...you guys just don't know how to critically analyse ..so just because im opinionated you think we are the same...you have NEVER seen me acting crazy and abusing people. EVER!!!! You only hate me because women should be submissive and I don't submit to anyone."

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