Pearl Modiadie's Dating Woes

The dating pool is not up to her standards

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Pearl Modiadie is back in the dating pool but is currently not impressed with the way things are going. Pearl broke up with the father of her child Nathaniel Oppenheimer , who she shares a baby with named Olivier Lewatle, and is now ready to dip her toes in dating again, but men will have to try a little harder as sis is not impressed.

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Pearl as been open and honest with her fans saying she misses dating and despises being alone. By the looks of things she has been talking to a few men and is not loving the way the conversations are being carried out.

She shared what she despises and hates being asked "Send me a picture."

When fans clarified that picture requests mean a person wants to meet you, Pearl thinks otherwise, "Picture requests arenโ€™t because they donโ€™t know what you look like."

A few days ago, she might have hinted that she is struggling with finding the right person, so the struggle continues.

Despite being single, she does not raise Olivier alone, even though she could use some time off. She has the help of family and friends, of course Nathaniel.

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"No words, Iโ€™m happy. We are so grateful for you...It truly takes a village to raise a child and today my little village came through for me in a big way."

It was Lewatle's birthday and she went above and beyond - so did her guests. "My sisters Dambuza & Tebo did the decor & entertainment, my uncle did the slaughtering, dad spoke to the ancestors, my friend Nombuso took on the role of photographer & nanny, cousins and aunts took care of catering & umqombothi, a family friend [chef Zondi] baked the birthday cake and parents brought the kids out to celebrate Lewatle with baby daddy and I, just perfect!"

"Mom and Dad love you very much! Happy Birthday baby and thank you for giving us the most fulfilling year of our lives."

Despite being single and depressing, she does share a few relationship advices to her fans. Her advice is, โ€œJust because they desire you, doesnโ€™t mean they value youโ€ and that did not leave a sweet taste in people's mouth who had a reality check.

Pearl admitted that she and Nathaniel did not work out but said she has no regrets because e is the best baby daddy.

โ€œI wasnโ€™t able to achieve my dream of having the family Iโ€™ve always longed for. But out of it came my beautiful son and for that, Iโ€™m eternally grateful," Pearl added.

Responding to a fan, she said Nathaniel is an incredible father,  "The best choice Iโ€™ve made! Heโ€™s such an incredible dad."

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