Peloyame Is Fighting For Her Life In ICU - Report

She was travelling in the same car that killed the Amapiano stars

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According to South African blog Mgozi, a young lady, by the name of Peloyame Segatle is fighting for her life at a MediClinic in Rustenburg. The 21-year-old was travelling in the same vehicle that claimed the lives of the Amapiano stars. Although some reports had suggested that she had passed on, according to the gossip site she is still alive.

Following the tragic accident, Killer Kau’s record label Soweto Music & Entertainment Academy issued a statement confirming the passing of the Amapiano stars. The statement also confirmed that one female was travelling with them but did not reveal her identity.

"On Monday the 9th of August 2021, the families of the deceased received a call from Marikana Police Station about a fatal accident that had taken place on Marikana road (N4 Northwest).

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of 3 members affiliated with the record label, SMEA, an inspiring record label from Soweto. The trio was travelling to a gig in Rustenburg with other artists in the car. Involved in this fatality was hitmaker and Amapiano co-pioneer Killer Kau. Thando Tot was his DJ, TD who was SMEA's official road manager, Mpura Mpura Artist, The Voice (Mpura’s DJ) and 1 other female.

We ask that you allow the families of the late youngsters to be given space to grieve their loss whilst we try to make funeral arrangements. 
More details pertaining to their funerals will be issued soon.
We thank you all for the support" Read the statement. 

Speaking at Mpura’s funeral earlier on in the week, Riky Rick said nothing can ever prepare anyone for moments like these.

“I’m sad that I’m not a stranger to moments like these. You would’ve lived a lucky life, or an extremely lonely life. If you haven’t experienced the tragedy of loss, the pain of losing a brother, a sister, a friend or a child. Common sense tells us that the more we experience a situation, Mhlabe we will be more prepared next time. We are faced with a similar circumstance. Kodwa, death doesn’t really have common sense.” He continued.

“We can’t fight with God for the answers cause will lose every time. We have to have faith, even though we are shattered by this tragedy, we have to have faith that uMongezi is in a happy place. We have to have faith that he is right next to Jesus right now. Telling him the best bedtime story ever,” said the musician in part.

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