Phelo shares his real calling

He wants to heal the world in more ways than one

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Phelo Bala

The Bala brothers have made a name for themselves through delivering soothing and healing music. 

Phelo wants to move beyond just healing through the music and heal people in the spiritual realm. Speaking to Drum, the youngest Bala brother has come to the realization that music isn't necessarily his calling, his true calling is to become a sangoma.

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“I am a sangoma; music is not my calling and I will not do it forever. Whether I have healed people through music or in my sangoma practices; my calling is in healing,” he shared with Drum. Coming to this realisation wasn't easy though as he had to undergo a lot of physical strain. He hasn't totally thrown away music though. “The music comes from an honest place and the way I’m feeling at the moment is from an honest place. I love singing, don’t get me wrong, but my calling is to be a sangoma.”

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