Podcast And Chill's MacG Reflects On AKA's Death

However, the Women For Change organisation hands him a reality check

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Podcast and Chill's MacG reflects on the recent passing on rapper Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes. The podcaster shares the most disturbing anxiety he went through while introspecting his very own life.

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While scores of people across the continent are still coming to terms with the untimely passing of rapper AKA and his friend and former manager, Tebello ‘Tibz” Montsoane. AKA's Mzansi industry friends and fellow acquaintances have taken to their respectful platforms to reflects how the tragedy affected them mentally.

Podcast and Chill's MacG is the last but certainly not the least to break his silence about the trauma and anguish AKA's  merciless killing imposed on his life. During his podcast session, MacG tells his co-host Sol Phenduka about the severe anxiety he endured while still coming to terms with the recent eventualities.

"When it comes to death, everyday you getting closer to your death. So, if you have ninety days left on this earth and you don't know, like  tomorrow it's 89... 87... 86. yeah man you just got to live life to the fullest. So, I was having those conversation in my head this week, I had a lot of anxiety this week man because of that AKA thing." said Podcast and Chill's MacG

Sol Phenduka took also took a moment to reflect as he references Amos Fatela who once wrote about appreciating other people despite of what they have done to you. Sol Phenduka mentions if you really love someone you sometimes have to overlook their missteps because not everyone is around for forever.

"When I saw you message it reminded me of Amos Fatela, it was literally a message about that, when you got someone someone in your life om'fatelayo tell them. Even though they have made some mistakes, or maybe you did not see eye to eye, maybe you fought, you know what I mean you can still tell that 'I'll fuck with you, you are an amazing person or whatever because life is short". Amos had written because I think of that Covid thing and people were just dying back then, just appreciate people." said Podcast and Chill's Sol Phenduka

Women For Change organization did not beat around the bush to hand MacG a reality check during his reflection. Women For Change shares the staggering and shocking women deaths at the hands of man, yet MacG only uses his platforms to share his anxiety over the passing of AKA.

"So MacG had 'lots of anxiety this week' because of AKAs killing... In the past three months, we lost 12 sisters EVERY day! Most of them were murdered in the most brutal way, some of them raped before. Imagine how much anxiety the women in this country have. Being killed DAILY" wrote Women For Change
MacG has encouraged his Podcast stans Chillers to enjoy life and the podcast to the fullest while they are still around.

"To chillers out there just enjoy this man cause like you see comments like 'he is too drunk. He is laughing too much. People are just complaining about the podcast but you could go tomorrow you know what I mean. i could go tomorrow

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