Black Coffee's Podcast And Chill Episode Goes To Ster Kinekor

Seems the demand and money convinced MacG.

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Back in 2021, Podcast and Chill with MacG, Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady made history in South Africa. This was due to the fast approaching one million mark episode of Zola 7. As reported at the time:

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Mac G together with Sol Phenduka and the Ghost Lady host the podcast with the most subscribers in the country, Podcast And Chill with Mac G. Their last episode saw them talking about last week's occurrences which saw the deaths of three public figures, Dr. Sindi Van Zyl, American rapper DMX and AKA's fiancé Nelli Tembe.

After talking about that and other hot topics, Mac G made an announcement which saw him trending at the top on social media. The three shot their latest celebrity episode and it is the legendary Zola 7. But that's not the only huge announcement, the episode will be broadcast on Ster Kinekor cinemas in three major cities in the country.

Now it seems that the podcast is about to repeat history with the announcement of the rollout of the hotly anticipated Black Coffee interview. 

Black Coffee's
Podcast and Chill episode goes to Ster Kinekor

The latest ZAlebs Podcast and Chill episode featuring the legendary actor and producer Rapulana Seiphemo premiered.

The podcast finally revealed the release date for the much anticipated Black Coffee interview. But the announcement came with a surprising plot twist for Chillers. 

This is as the expectation was that the interview will premiere via the popular YouTube channel. But instead, it seems that MacG is willing to cash in on the anticipation by allowing Ster Kinekor to have the rights to first premiere the interview via their movie theatres.
While this move meant that Podcast and Chill will be benefiting financially from the whole experience as it does suggest that there was big money exchanged to secure the deal, Chillers seemed to feel some type of way with the manner the interview will be rolled out.

Moreso given that it is their subscriptions that allowed Black Coffee to believe that the channel was the apt manner to address the toxic dynamic between himself and his estranged wife Enhle Mbali.
As reported in the past: 

Mbalenhle “Enhle Mbali” Mlotshwa has been the site of many headlining scandals in the month of January. Unfortunately, most of these have not been aimed at painting her in a great light. More so as the first was the matter of her contentious divorce with ex-husband Black Coffee continues to the demise of a relationship which continues to give content.

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First, it was Black Coffee lambasting Enhle for allegedly using him as the face of her abuse advocacy “rebranding.” Thereafter, it was the allegations that in an attempt to sway the public’s favour towards him that Black Coffee was responsible for the allegations that Enhle was the cause of someone’s marriage as she was the side that wanted to be upgraded to the second wife.

A matter which has since been denied by the implicated husband, Justice Huni, who alleged that Enhle was “one of the boys” who lied in an attempt to protect him when his wife found out about his real affair. At the time, Black Coffee celebrated the matter of the public turning away from Enhle Mbali. A fact which continues to irk Enhle as she seems to be still taking digs at her ex-husband. 

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