Prince Kaybee Gets Back To Making Music

The producer-DJ is serious about making a hit before bowing out.

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Prince Kaybee is one of the leading producer-DJs in the country. During the late 2010s, the Fetch Your Life hitmaker enjoyed more than a few years at the top as he continually released songs that were touted as the Song Of The Year critically.

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However, with the advent of Amapiano and the manner in which the genre not only introduced a new sound but a flock of new artists, Prince Kaybee like many House Music producer-DJs saw a slump in their music. This is as “purists” of House Music could not create hits which had a similar nationwide appeal as Amapiano artists did. 

As such, the producer-DJ was inspired and failed to make an impact musically in 2022. A fact he reflected on when it was reported that: 

In light of Amapiano and TikTok owning 2022, Prince Kaybee said he wanted others to have a chance to make music this year.  He revealed this after a fan asked him why hasn't dropped any new music this year.

“KB. Do you have new music bro? There’s a clear unignorable void in the music scene in SA and its your touch that’s missing. Please release soon or advise me on any new projects you’ve released. You’re a great artist, I enjoy your music,” the fan wrote. 

In response, according to Prince Kaybee he did not drop music because Amapiano is doing well and people are still in awe of the Tik Tok sensations.

“In my opinion there’s enough music out there. Amapiano is cruising nicely. Will release music once I see an opportunity to, for now it's just gonna be wasted music because people are still in a trance of TikTok sensation,” the DJ wrote.

But now it seems that Prince Kaybee is readying new music

Prince Kaybee gets back to making music

After months of serving motorbiking content through his social media platforms, it seems that Prince Kaybee is ready to get back to what he is most popular for and that is making music. 

This is as the Gemini album maker took to Twitter to first tease the type of new music that he was working on. Moreover, he shared the name that he has created for his fan base as he has decided on the “gender neutral” terms of Kabilionaires. 
Due to the overwhelming response, it seems that it has inspired Prince Kaybee to set time aside to actually start working on creating a new album. This is as he recently took to Twitter to confirm that he was “locked in” at his home studio and was getting serious about creating new music. 
Hopefully, the album will have the type of reception that Prince Kaybee wants. This is as the artist is one album over the time that he believed that he was going to retire. At the time of releasing his last (arguable) hit album Re Mmino, which came before The 4th Republic and Gemini released in 2021 and 2022 respectively. 

Prince Kaybee had believed that his third studio album, The 4th Republic, would be his last. But due to the lack of impact that album and subsequently Gemini have made on music, Prince Kaybee is still looking towards releasing an impactful last album that would be worthy of him confirming his retirement from making albums. 

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