Prince Kaybee No Longer Relevant?

Tweeps seem to think so

By  | Dec 02, 2021, 07:34 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Top of the

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In the past few months, social media has witnessed Prince Kaybee have his music put on the spotlight for reasons that are simply beyond the deejay. Not too long ago, Kaybee had to respond to a troll who thought that Kaybee’s music was really not that good and that they couldn’t understand the hype around it.

This time, the situation is not any different. Taking to his Twitter, Kaybee shared a recent remix that he had done that had fans from all over the region applaud his great skills, but it seems, others felt that he could do more and venture into other genres of music.

A tweep, in response to his banger remix, asked Kaybee to give the fans at least one Amapiano hit, but was immediately slammed with a big “Nah” from the deejay. Seeing this, fans sought to understand why Kaybee was not interested in Amapiano seeing that it is the most popular genre of music in Mzansi.

For many of his fans, the overall sentiment is that Kaybee should just stick to House music and give a deaf ear to all the Amapiano talk. Fans have also gone ahead to praise his most recent album, “The Republic” saying that it is one of their most favourite albums by the artist.

For others, they are giving a side eye to Kaybee’s pride, saying that he should give the fans what they want; an Amapiano hit. But if you think about it, and if you are a big fan of Kaybee, you already know that he has done a couple of Amapiano hits but that has never really been his focus, and as he confirmed, Kaybee is not going to be changing his mind anytime soon.

In another tweet, Kaybee also mentioned that the reason his most recent album was not pushed enough, was because of the dominance of the Amapiano genre in the music industry. “Majority people want Amapiano,” said the deejay. Could this then mean that his music might be phased out of the industry pretty soon?

Fans have since taken to telling Kaybee that whether his music is hyped or not, House music will remain timeless and will always have a place in Mzansi. For others, well, they are all in agreement that this is the beginning of the end for House music.

Others are of the opinion that, money is where the hype is and if Kaybee really wants to remain in the industry, he should pay heed to what his fans want. Well, guess you’ll be waiting a long time before that happens.

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