Tweeps React To Prince Kaybee's Manhood

This is not what we expected

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 01:20 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Acclaimed deejay Prince Kaybee is leaving fans in frenzy after a recent tweet from a tweep who decided to make a comment on Kaybee’s manhood. The deejay who just recently took to Twitter to address a troll, mentioned in his tweet that the only time people seem to talk about him is when he has beef with someone or when he posts a photo of his manhood.

In a recent twitter post by Kaybee, the dejay took to twitter to give his fans a word of encouragement telling them to always overcommit and let nothing hold them back. Of course, his comment section has seen his fans agreeing with Kaybee and even hyping him up for his work.

What seemed to catch the attention of Prince Kaybee however is when one of the tweeps commented to say that the deejay has high testosterone levels. Kaybee later retweeted his tweet asking the question, “How do you know this?”

Kaybee’s question was enough to cause a stir among all his fans with many of them already asking the tweep to explain themselves. The tweep, who responded, said that, judging from Kaybee’s face, he could already feel his energy… 

Others have simply decided to answer the question for the tweep on what they assume he meant. The overall sentiments ranging from, how Kaybee has a great s*xual appeal to others commenting that maybe the tweep was speaking in reference to the size of Kaybee’s manhood. Was he though?

Just recently, Kaybee also took to his Twitter to announce that he was working on a new hit single with radio presenter, Unathi Nkayi. This came after he had posted a video of them together and tweeps started speculating that maybe the two of them were lovers or about to be lovers. 
The announcement therefore put these speculations to rest and fans couldn't be any more happier for the two. 

Another incident that had many camp on Kaybee’s Twitter page was when Uncle Waffles got verified. Fans were angered by the news, many of them demanding to know why the female deejay had beat Kaybee to the blue tick, when Kaybee had been in the music industry way longer than she had.

That aside, there is no denying that Kaybee is a great household name in his industry. He continues to steal the hearts of many with his music and with the announcement of his new upcoming collaboration with Unathi, fans can expect to be wowed by the banger. 

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