Pearl Thusi’s Heartless Remarks on FW De Klerk’s Death

"Maybe he was already dead to me"

By  | Nov 11, 2021, 03:52 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Image of Pearl Thusi
Fan favourite actress, Pearl Thusi, has gone online with some truly heartless comments about the late former vice president, FW De Klerk. The politician’s death was announced just a few hours ago, and Pearl is not shy to let the public know how she really feels about him.

In a rant via a series of tweets, the Quantico star has laid it out that his memory should neither be honoured nor sanitized. It all started with her calling out the BBC for saying that the former vice president had freed former president Nelson Mandela, saying he didn’t exactly do it out of the goodness of his heart.

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She has also gone on to say that he had never supported the abolition of apartheid, and he did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize he got to share with Madiba.

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Pearl is strongly rejecting all news headlines that paint the former president as a positive force in the history of South Africa. She feels strongly that doing that is an attempt to rewrite the country’s history, and as such, all announcements should mention his role in apartheid and all the lives that were lost under the brutal system.

While she says she is not exactly celebrating his demise, she is clearly also not heart broken about it. In fact, she has made it clear that she is not sad about it, and that it’s likely he was already dead to her anyway. She is loudly rubbishing every post that calls him a hero.
As more news on the passing of the former vice president unfurls, Pearl Thusi and her followers are waiting to see whether he will be honoured with a state funeral. This too, she thinks, would be an undeserved honour. In fact, she categorically thinks granting him a state funeral would be an insult to all those whose lives were ruined by the system he was a part of, and allegedly ended only under duress.

Pearl is now calling on South Africans to disrupt his sendoff if he winds up being given a state funeral. “There’s just no way” he will have a state funeral, she said. But her request seems to have split her supporters right down the middle.

Some agree that she has made a valid point, and this sentiment is mainly from those who agree with her that De Klerk does not deserve to be honoured. The more moderate half of her fans think that she is all talk and no action, as she would not be present at such an interruption even if it were to happen. They believe she is misleading the youth who may take her seriously and follow through with it, then end up in trouble for it.
The model has never shied away from expressing strong political views, even when they get her in some trouble. This time, though, her sentiments are very strong and may even be considered insensitive, especially by those who are empathizing with vice president De Klerk’s family and friends, who are now in mourning.

What do you think? Do you think her sentiments were too harsh, or just right? 
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