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Tweeps are confused

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Rapper and Ubettina Wethu star Sizwe Moeketsi popularly known as Reason has changed his stage name.

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Reason no longer goes by Reason, he goes by Sizwe Alakine. This stage name may be for the Amapiano genre he is dabbling his feet in so he may still be Reason amongst the Hip Hop streets.

Sizwe Alakine will be releasing his first single under the name with DJ Maphorisa this coming Friday. The name of the song is Khanda Shisa and with Maphorisa in the production seat, we know it will be a banger.

Reason took to Instagram last month to introduce Mzansi to Sizwe while opening up that that he had not enjoyed making music in a while He said, "I've been making music for the last 24hrs. Must have made about 6 to 7 songs I think. Something I haven’t done since I made the album #Azania.

"To tell you the truth, turning 34 found me making music and having long conversations with @djmaphorisa that probably got me out of a 3 year long depression I didn’t realize I was under.

"To be frank, I haven’t really enjoyed making my own music for the last 2 years. I found more joy in creating music for others because I connected with other people’s stories better than my own. Probably because I haven’t been myself for 3 years straight.

"There lies a lot of hidden pain in loss. Loss of family, money, success, business, love, status and even self. The spirit becomes vulnerable to the hard hitting changes of life not going your way. As @mr_instro And @bogodile1980 Would say... 'we always need make sure you’re ok because you’ve lived through things that kill people inside'. And Coming from the hood... I’ve always taken on everything with my chest. But it built up...and I just shut down.

"I had to be in the same room with someone who faced death and karma to remember what matters in life. Loving yourself. See, when you love yourself, you find better ways of letting go of your past, while celebrating your new. You end up doing what feels right to you, rather than what people think is right for you. And that can only be achieved from loving yourself. Loving your changes. Your growth. Your wins AND your losses. You have to know yourself in order to appreciate these things about yourself.

"I can’t promise you all that talking to Phori will get you out of a depression you didn’t realize you had... but sometimes it takes death to appreciate life. So let it be known. Today... I finally laid my past to rest. I have let go of the things I was holding onto that I thought would matter to me forever. And I’m giving birth to a new soul that I’ve been ignoring for 3 years. Hears to 34! ❤️And nice to meet you again #Sizwe"

Tweeps are confused as to who this Sizwe Alakine is when most of the posters that have been distributed show Reason and DJ Maphorisa. Well, there you have it, Sizwe Alakine is Reason and this is just a rebrand for his Amapiano career.

This is what tweeps had to say about the name switch up:

@K_Hliso said, "Sizwe Alakine ke Reason?"

What do you think of this name change?

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