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You won’t believe what it is

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South African actress Thuso Mbedu became one of the few Zalebs to get interviewed by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres

“Had a great time on @theellenshow. She shared the exciting news through social media.
This was my very first in studio interview (EVERYTHING else has been virtual). Can you tell how excited I was?
Don’t think I could’ve smiled any wider even if I tried (last frame)
Styled by @waymanandmicah
Hair by @marciahamilton
Makeup by @fionastiles”

On Saturday she announced that the interview was now available on Youtube and share some clips from the sit-down.

“I can’t tell you how amazing you are. Oprah and I were talking about… And of course, loves the show. I was telling her that you were on today and were both in awe of you. You are incredible.” Gushed Ellen about the lead actress.

“So you’re from South Africa? Which is a beautiful place. I’ve been there a couple of times. So Underground Railroad is getting fantastic reviews. Explain to everybody what it’s about.”

“It’s about Cora. Who was born and bred on a slave plantation in Georgia and then she’s approached by another character Ceaser who tell her they can go find their freedom up north.” Explained Thuso. “And they go on this journey where they go into real trains in finding and pursuing their freedom.”

Tipping Thuso to won an Emmy for her amazing performance, DeGeneres got our fave a special gift.

“I heard you collect sneakers and you started out with just a couple pair and now you have more. I wanna add to that collection. I want to give you a special pair so that you remember your time here.”

The actress could not hold her excitement and thanked Ellen for the gift. “Oh, these are so pretty. Thank you”
“Frame 1: How the conversation with @theellenshow started…
Frame 2: How the conversation ended…

Catch what went on in between on ellentube.com
It was a lot of fun
The laugh in frame 2 gets me every time I keep saying I need to practice my professional laugh. This would’ve been a good time to use it,” she posted on social media.
Main Picture Credit: Thuso Mbedu Instagram Account @Thuso.Mbedu

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