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He is a style icon and so much more

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Rich Mnisi
Fashion, skin, heart… he has them all. Rich Mnisi is literally one of the greatest and most influential people to ever walk the soil of Mzansi, and there is no shortage of reasons to unreservedly stan this absolute babe of a human. 

Here are five reasons why we love Rich Mnisi. 

He Is A Fashion Icon

The number one reason we all love Rich Mnisi has to be because he is a fashion icon – it is why he got famous in the first place. He has always been interested in fashion, and he finally did something about it, and established his brand in 2014.

He has never looked back since, and his has become one of the most successful fashion brands in the country, partnering with big international brands like Adidas. 

Even if he had not become one of the most celebrated fashion designers, we would still recognise his sense of style for what it is: iconic. Seriously, just scroll through his Instagram profile and see all the lovely looks he puts together and pulls off magnificently!

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He Is As Unconventional As They Come 

There isn’t a barrier Rich Mnisi won’t see and immediately want to break, which is why he is so widely loved. He has been attacked multiple times on social media, mostly because of his fashion choices. Specifically, he loves to combine clothing that is deemed “feminine” like skirts and bikinis, with those that are considered “masculine”.

This often has him wearing skirts, and although he absolutely slays every single look, it has made him a target for a lot of hate online. But Rich is not one to bother himself with what others think, and he continues to wow us all with his unique interpretation of fashion. 

He Is A Loyal Friend

You would be hard pressed to find a friend in ZAlebville who is as loyal as Rich. Those who have him as a friend and confidante can be assured that they have a friend for life, as we can tell from his online interactions with other rich and famous personalities.

He and Boity Thulo have enjoyed a long friendship, although we are unclear on whether or not they have ever been more than just friends. Boity has referred to him as her husband for many years. Now that she is in a new relationship with actor Anton Jeftha, Rich was among the first people to give the relationship his blessing, so we know he looks out for Boity.

He is also very good friends with Sarah Langa, and will never miss an opportunity to celebrate her loudly and proudly.

He Uses Fashion To Tell Important Stories

Not only has he broken some barriers and defied stereotypes, he also continues to use his fashion to tell important stories, mostly those that are often overlooked or shunned. He constantly seeks to represent a different group with his art, from the queer community, to expressing traditional African authenticity, and to the overlooked plus size community.

Speaking in an interview with IOL, he said that authenticity is what he is all about, whatever it may look like in the moment, through an African lens. 

“The desire to create a space that embodies an authentic expression of gender fluidity through an African lens and the complexities of identity inspired me to start the Rich Mnisi brand. As I evolve and the brand, Rich Mnisi, becomes bigger, I aim to enhance expressions of lived realities and storytelling, as I come from a family rooted in the rich traditions of the Vatsonga tribe,” he said. 

He Is Confident In His Body And Masculinity 

Listen, it takes a lot to be a model and share your looks on social media. There is a lot of hate and criticism, but Rich pays no heed to any of it. It takes even more confidence for a man to share semi nude photos of himself online.

Rich is extremely confident in his body, as he should be, because he is a very attractive man. His body is always leaving the ladies thirsting for more, and his dark chocolate skin is literally exquisite. And it also takes a lot of confidence in masculinity for a man to wear a skirt online, and he does that all the time. He knows exactly who he is, and remains unshakeable, and we don’t know what could be more attractive than that. 

Also, as a bonus, he posted this picture which had all the ladies in a frenzy. It looks like he is seriously packing, and phew, ladies, calm down please. 

Bonus Reason: He Shows His Vulnerable Side

Once again, nothing is hotter than a man who is not afraid to show his sensitive side. Ladies, you know exactly what I mean. From talking about heartbreak, to opening up and sharing tips on how to stay sane during lockdown, he is the perfect picture of a man who is comfortable being open and vulnerable, and we love to see it. 

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He is certainly a trailblazer, and we should have a day to honour him as a country, just for being who he is. But while we wait for the national holiday to come, this is your cue to go and live your extra life, inspired by the chocolate god.

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