#Rockville3: When a father has nothing more to lose

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Don Mlangeni has proven why he is one of South Africa's finest actors. The Rockville star, who plays Diliza, had tongues wagging on Sunday evening's episode, where his character killed an innocent person as vengeance for his daughter's death. His daughter Nolitha, who was introduced to the "flashy" life while working at a club, ended up becoming a drug addict and that eventually caused her death.

Things went from bad to worse because Nolitha's mother also passed away due to an illness. This clearly became a lot to handle for Nolitha's dad, who is now a broken man. Some people seem to really lose it when they reach that state of mind and end up doing things that they wouldn't normally do. That's exactly what this helpless father did - he ended up killing, Nosipho, the daughter of the woman he blames for his daughter's drug addiction and untimely death.

The old man couldn't have known that he would one day become a killer. Circumstances pushed him to a point where he ended up not showing any emotion. He took a gun, went inside Dudu's house, where she was with her daughter. And, without even thinking twice, he shot Nosipho right in front of her sobbing mother.

That scene was filled with a lot of emotion and got viewers talking. It was a great example of "an eye for an eye".

One viewer explained it nicely on Twitter. She wrote: "Nolitha"s dad feels like he has nothing to live for. Wife and daughter both gone shame. Daughter for a daughter I guess... #sad #Rockville3."

Rockville actress Boity said that was the heaviest episode.

What did you think of last night's episode of Rockville? What would you have done if you were Nolitha's dad?

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