DJ Speedsta Speaks On THAT Nasty C Drama

"But in real life, you are my little nigger."

By  | Oct 15, 2020, 06:31 PM  | Drama

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Remember Nasty C's twar with DJ, Speedsta over Nasty's song Bam Bam? The Hip Hop Dj recently sat down with Mac G and addressed the beef in detail.

During their sitdown, Mac G asked his guest what actually sparked his highly-publicised beef with rapper and he got into the full details as to what led to their fall out.

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Speedsta talked about how his comment about Nasty C's song Bam Bam was blown out of proportion.

"The same way on the Popcast when I said Bam Bam was mine and I said no you can keep it and he came back on some F you." Said the DJ.

He acknowledges that he could have handled it better but he got angry because Nasty came at him sideways. "My first reaction was bad because he caught me by surprise. I would've thought that with something like that especially when I'm not speaking about somebody in a bad way."

He admit that he tried to make peace with him but Nasty C wasn't willing to do so.

"I tried to reach out to him the very first time. I called his manager and eventually, I spoke to Gemini who was in the same house with him and I was like, can I speak to this guy. He was like, no he is in the bedroom."

"Then Gemini said we'll call you back in two hours. That was the only time I tried to make contact with him and they never called me back. Two months even passed and then in the lockdown, I watched the Vlad Interview." He continues.

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