Sello Maake KaNcube And Pearl Celebrate Two Years Anniversary

The couple is head over heels with each other and we love to see it

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Veteran actor Sello Maake KaNcube is celebrating two years anniversary with with his wife, Pearl.

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The actor took to Instagram gushed over her wife in celebration of their two years anniversary. The pair sealed the deal in Ethiopia last year in an intimate wedding ceremony. Pearl took to her Instagram to share the exciting news and one year later, they are still going strong.

Sello is head over heels in love with Pearl and he has found the one this time around after divorcing his wife of eight months Palesa Mboweni in 2015.  The actor said he broke his won record of 24 months of loving one woman and one woman alon.

"On this day two years ago, I met a lady who would end up being the love of my life. My wife, my friend, my business partner and my manager. We laugh and cry together but most importantly we are walking this journey together.  If there has ever been a person who has my back it has to be Mma Mbewe,” he wrote

The pair is set to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with 10 lucky couples.

A couple of months ago, the Skeem Saam took to his Instagram to vent his frustration and call out his ex-wife. This is after Palesa reportedly lied about owning shares in a wine company.

According to Sunday World, the actor wrote a letter to the wine company demanding 50% of his ex-wife's shares

 “My ex-wife had indicated to me that she owns a wine brand to what I have since discovered to possibly could have been a lie, she told me that she owns the brand Palesa Wines. I have shared your details with my lawyer in terms of us seeking clarity on the truth regarding my ex-wife’s affairs and business interests as I was married to her in the community of property, and I’m therefore entitled to 50% of anything that she would also have owned at the time,” the publication shared parts of the letter.

In response, Sunday World revealed that Ferdinand Appel, uniWines Holding Managing Director said Sello's ex-wife's claims are untrue and the company wishes to distance itself from their drama.

“Ms Palesa Mboweni has no affiliation with uniWines Holdings or the Palesa Brand. Ms. Palesa Mboweni is not the owner of the Palesa brand. Ms. Palesa Mboweni is not contractually bound in any way to act as an Ambassador on behalf of Palesa brand. The Palesa brand is registered in the name of uniWines Holding (Pty) Ltd since 2011/06/13,” the publication quoted the company's letter.

The pair tied a knot back in 2015 and called it quits 8 months later. On his Instagram rant, the actor said, "I can not believe I was married to a con artist and you guys called me names when I realised my blunder and divorced her after 8 months!"

He said he is not trying to bash his ex-wife but he wants the truth to be exposed. He warned people to do a "character assessment" before they commit.

 He continued, "I want the truth to be known and maybe I can help the young men who may fall victim to women similar to my ex-wife. For the record, I must categorically and unequivocally state that I don't think all women behave or do things that my ex-wife did to me."

The veteran actor said his marriage was based on falsehood. He said the misrepresentation by his ex-wife is disgusting for him to open up about all the things she did to him.

 "I mean the woman tried to change her children's surnames to my name without my knowledge and I wouldn't have known if I didn't overhear a telephonic conversation between her and her mother, then one of her children's grandmother approached me, accusing me of using my "big name and public stature" to try and demean them because they were poor, so I wanted to take their grandchild from them," he shared.

He concluded by saying that he wants to have her legally removed from any affiliation with him. 

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