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With all the drama that is going on in her life, Shauwn Mkhize always finds time to have fun and let loose. Her family is currently at the center of controversy and some paternity drama.

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Shauwn Mkhize is enjoying the last 6 days of her vacation before she goes back to work. After an eventful few days in the dusty parts of Namibia, she finally made her way back home. Shauwn is now currently in Cape Town and accompanying her was her Asian helpers who partied up a storm.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Shauwn shared videos of her and 3 of her helpers partying at Ayepyep Lifestyle, in Cape Town.
Shauwn Mkhize IG stories
Shauwn Mkhize IG stories

MaMkhize shares a special and unbreakable bond with her house helpers. When her reality show premiered in 2020, many were in awe at the fact that she only has Asian house helpers.

One of them is Dan Dan and she celebrated her birthday in a very special way last year.

There is a lot of drama in the Mkhize mansion and the grandchildren are at the centre of it all. It is rather unfortunate that kids have to face such public scrutiny seeing how young they are. But luckily they have their grandmother in their corner who boldly stated that people should back off from her grandchildren.

Sunday World alleged that Sithelo Shozi and Andile Mpisane broke up because of paternity drama which saw Andile allegedly questioning his second child with the DJ.

That's not all, Andile also allegedly took back the car he gifted Sithelo but those rumours have not been confirmed as yet. Addressing the rumours of the child's paternity Shauwn told people to lay off her grand children.

Sharing a beautiful image of her grandkids, she said, "HANDS OFF MY GRANDCHILDREN!!! I had such an amazing time with my grandchildren this past weekend. As a parent I think it is important that we protect our kids from unnecessary or premature exposure. These are kids guys and let’s not rob them of their Innocence by involving them in the “cruelty” and the harsh realities of this world.

"I’d I would also like to request everyone to please respect the family’s decision to keep the kids away from social media. Thanking you in advance."

When her son Andile got married, she issued a scathing message to the trolls to not paint her family in a rotten way.

"I personally have no grudges or any untoward feelings against the mother of my grandkids. She’s given me 2 beautiful grandchildren which binds us forever and I will always consider her to be like a daughter to me," she states.

"Nobody has been kicked out of any apartment nor have any kids been taken away from anybody. I remain committed to ensuring that my grandchildren grow up experiencing love from all sides and that they are well taken care of," she says.

"As a mother it is my job to guide and support my sons decisions. And I would like it to known that I will never choose for him. I’ve lived my life and learnt my lessons! I will never take away the opportunity for him to live his own life and learn his lessons along the way," she said.

On Sithelo, she said she had accepted Sithelo for all her flaws, and we wonder what those are in her opinion.

"I accepted the mother of my grandchildren with all her flaws ,whilst the whole world was blaming me but because I fully understand that nobody is perfect. Out of respect for all parties involved I will not be going into the details of their private affairs. They have both moved on with their lives and will continue co-parenting for the sake of the children.

"As a mother this is one of the happiest times in my life to be able to officially welcome home a daughter in law and for the newly weds to start a new chapter in their lives. I do not want to ruin this moment for them," she concludes.

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