Shauwn Mkhize Hands Over Another Home

This is part of her project to build 20 houses for people in need

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Shauwn Mkhize is on a mission to help fight homelessness by building 20 houses for people in need. This is to also celebrate her 20 years in the construction industry and to give back to communities in need.

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The entrepreneur partnered with a SABC 1 current affairs show called Expressions and also with the department of correctional services for labour. She got convicts to build these homes.

She pledged to build 20 homes and so far she has managed to build 10 houses. The 10th house was handed over in KwaMashu. For this house she partnered with Ukhozi FM to help a listener have shelter over their families heads just in time for Christmas.

It was a great event with the media present as well as the Gcaba family to welcome their new home.

When she started this project, Shauwn Mkhize was committed to not only providing shelter for the needy, but also to help inmates with their rehabilitation programs.

The businesswoman's
first home was awarded to a child-headed household which was is in dire need of shelter. The child's mother apparently passed on in front of the children. "As I am celebrating my 20 years this will be one of the 20 houses I’ll be building. I think I can contribute and do something good for the poor child."

"Affordable housing is an outcry out there, and the government is trying to do what they can but there are so many people out there who need house. So as business people let's see how can we help, try and assist where we can. Try and reach out, Expressions will reach out," she said.

"When we got there I was really impressed at the level of workmanship shown by the inmates and I have committed to assisting them as part of their rehabilitation programme which focuses on skills, training and return to work strategies.

"We all deserve a second chance in life. I guess that was the lesson for the day: always learn from your mistakes and do whatever it takes to be a better person!"

This is good publicity for Shauwn as she received backlash after her son got married to another woman instead of his baby mama Sithelo Shozi. There has always been bad blood between the two of them and people thought she did what she did out of spite. But she clarified that she did not as she would never chose for her son.

"Everyone must remember I am FEMINIST!!!!!! and I will never hurt any woman but I will protect but it’s not my place to give details."

"I personally have no grudges or any untoward feelings against the mother of my grandkids. She’s given me 2 beautiful grandchildren which binds us forever and I will always consider her to be like a daughter to me. Nobody has been kicked out of any apartment nor have any kids been taken away from anybody. I remain committed to ensuring that my grandchildren grow up experiencing love from all sides and that they are well taken care of," she clarified.

"As a mother it is my job to guide and support my sons decisions. And I would like it to known that I will never choose for him. I’ve lived my life and learnt my lessons! I will never take away the opportunity for him to live his own life and learn his lessons along the way. I accepted the mother of my grandchildren with all her flaws ,whilst the whole world was blaming me but because I fully understand that nobody is perfect. Out of respect for all parties involved I will not be going into the details of their private affairs. They have both moved on with their lives and will continue co-parenting for the sake of the children."

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