Isithembiso's Sicelo Dlamini on his love for acting, education & his family

From being a ring leader of a kids show to being one of the most disliked gangsters on TV, Sicelo reinforces his presence in the acting industry.

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As he plays the role of a hard-core gangster, viewers absolutely cannot stomach actor, Sicelo Dlamini, but that is just a testament to how dedicated of an actor the man is.

Sicelo is not new to the acting industry if you grew up in the 90's you also would be aware that Sicelo was a ringleader of a group of young investigators who acted on SABC 1's  Dynamite DiepKloof Dudes (DDD). After acting on the kid's show, Sicelo then moved on to act on series like Soul City as Tuko for a good five to six years and much more other features. But after that, Sicelo went on a bit of a hiatus to further his studies.

 "The reason why I hadn't and couldn't take on bigger roles was due to have come from an academically inclined family, it always remained school first the rest later. Though having been so passionate in the Arts, I could not bare a dream half lived. So, I  then focused on my studies. 

I matriculated and went on to study B.Com Marketing and Business Management, graduated, spent time in the Pharmaceutical industry which allowed little allowance to pursue my childhood dream and then six years ago I was fortunate to be funded to start a business.

I then started an oil refinery business, still operational today, I buy used industrial oil, refine and resell.Thereby these moments of being self -employed afforded me the flexibility to refocus on my first love, hence why when I received a call, from Angus Gibson I never looked back. I have always believed acting is my extension, a gift from God still to be fully explored far beyond comprehension."


His character, Diamond, has introduced him to a whole new fan base, who are caught between sometimes hating and sometimes loving the character he portrays. We asked the actor if there was someone in his life that reminds him of Diamond.

He said:

"There is genuinely no one I can say, I identify with when portraying or looking at Diamond, My drive for Diamond comes from a true thug/gangster, I would never want to cross paths with. So in essence, Diamond is an introspection of Sicelo Dlamini's fears in an antagonistic behavioral pattern, that when displayed before me, would freak the hell out of me and I hope I never ever have to meet in this lifetime. This in acting school is called method acting of a psychopath."


Sicelo also shared his fondest memories of acting on DDD and if he still keeps in touch with some of the cast members from the show.

"Wow, I bare so many unforgettable moments of DDD. Behind the scenes and in front of the camera. One is how we gave one another codes and gestures, which later became part of our jargon, the jokes we shared, the pressures that came with the series on a public scale. Wow, those were incredible moments never to forget in my career. 

I remember how Neo Matswenyane as our director would be so fed up with our giggles during takes and how Bobby Heany would have to come onset to reprimand us. (Laughs) One person from the show who I see regularly is Lebza ngwana aka finger finger (a nickname no one knows) aka Sugar Smaxx. "

He also spoke passionately about the challenges of portraying a character like Diamond...

"The most difficult thing has been portraying a person I'm fearfull of, and who never seizes to amaze Sicelo Dlamini, with his unruly journey of undressing his true colors regardless of challenges and obstacles he's faced by.

It is also the stillness of the ambiance from production crew when I step on set because I'm always given the reception of 'What should we expect from Diamonds dress code and menacing behavior. That comes as pressure on its own.Off screen, it's the love-hate relationship from the public, because I sometimes feel, I'm skating on thin ice pertaining to being a menace to their emotions and taking their emotions to ransom."


Sicelo expressed that one local actor he would still love to work with Menzi Ngubane.

An interesting fact about Sicelo Dlamini is that he is engaged to his fiance' of 13-years. The couple is blessed with two beautiful kids, a boy (6) and a baby girl of 6 months.

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