Sithelo Shozi Is Making Boss Moves

She is unstoppable

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Sithelo Shozi
Sithelo Shozi has certainly had some rough days in the spotlight in the recent past. But she is nothing if not unstoppable, as she has now announced her new business. 

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The DJ went on her Instagram stories to market her business page. She is launching a clothing line for kids, which will be based exclusively online. The line is described as providing luxury and custom made clothes for kids, and the store is meant to provide a special and unique shopping experience for parents. 

Baby M SA – the store – was initially announced some times back, but it’s like she took a temporary break from it, for whatever reason. Now she is back with a bang, and ready to get her coins. But the name of the store has raised a few eyebrows. Some fans think that the M stands for Mpisane, after her baby daddy Andile Mpisane

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Although this is just speculation, would there really be a problem if it were true? I mean, her children bear the surname Mpisane, so she could have named her business for them, as they are the most likely to inherit her legacy anyway; it does not necessarily mean that she meant their father. 

The two have had a rocky time in the headlines recently. Not so long ago, rumours emerged that Andile was questioning the paternity of their second child together.

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The news rocked the nation as fans speculated who could be the real baby daddy, and one of the top “suspects” was Shaun the Stylist, who is very close to the Mpisane-Mkhize family.

It wasn’t long before more rumours emerged that the family had cut off Sithelo and kicked her out of her home, then also taken back the BMW that Andile bought for her not long before. 
But in the midst of all that, Sithelo has kept her head high and levelled up like the queen she is. She recently turned her pain into diamonds and released a new song called 'Hell and Back', and the title captures exactly what she has been through recently. 
Fans have been showering her with praises for how she keeps chasing the bag without letting all the background noise get to her. Others have highlighted how smart she is to time it all perfectly. She has been getting a lot of publicity, and rather than cry about it, she has chosen to channel it all into money, and we love to see it. 
But others consider it a sign that she is desperate. They always thought Andile was bankrolling her, and they think she is aggressively chasing the bag because she has no choice, since Andile left her and got married. 
Whatever her motivation, we think this is a boss move either, and we cannot downplay it. So congratulations Sithelo, and we can’t wait to patronise the business. 
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