Andile Dragged For Reclaiming His BMW Gift To Sithelo

Did she really mean nothing to him?

By  | Jan 10, 2022, 07:09 AM  | Andile Mpisane  | Drama

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The drama between the Mpisane family and their newlyweds, Andile and Tamia, seems to be taking a turn for the worse. Especially after it was recently discovered that the Mpsiane family had officially cut off Andile's baby mama Sithelo, after it was reported that Andile was allegedly questioning the paternity of Sithelo’s child.

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As you can imagine this news has set Black Twitter on a rampage. Other than being completely dumbfounded that Andile would question the paternity of the child when he himself was allegedly cheating while in the relationship with Sitehlo does not make sense to tweeps.

That’s not all however. What seems to have angered tweeps even more was when Andile decided to also take back the BMW that he had gifted her not too long ago. If you can remember, Andile and Sithelo had set tongues wagging after she shared a video of the fancy new ride she had gotten from her baby daddy.

And to think that this meant that things were going on well for the two of them, Mzansi had to witness Andile propose to another woman who was definitely not Sithelo Shozi.

Now tweeps have taken to dragging Andile claiming that even if he really questions the paternity of the child, he should not have treated Sithelo the way he did.

The question on minds if tweeps is how could one take back a gift even if things went south? Was the getsure even genuine in the first place if he was planning on taking it back when they broke up? 

Well, for some, they believe that the money he used to buy SIthelo the BMW was his and that of his mama, MaMkhize.

And since he and Sithelo are no longer together, well, mama better have her money, or in this case, her BMW back. 

For some of course, it all comes down to MaMkhize, as tweeps say that this move has her name written all over it. For the longest time possible, Mzansi has always suspected that MaMkhize has never wanted anything to do with Sithelo.  

And that alone is enough to prove that she could be the one who orchestrated this whole idea of taking back the car and cutting her off from the family. Shouldn’t they have waited at least until the DNA results were out? 

As of now, the Mpisane family is yet to give their response or reaction to these claims, but clearly, things are not looking so good for Sithelo. 

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