Sol Phenduka Ready For A Gospel Career

We did not see this coming

By  | Mar 03, 2022, 03:19 PM  | Sol Phenduka  | Top of The

Sol Phenduka
He started out as a musician and DJ, and has since become the co-host of Mzansi’s top podcast, which is often under fire for being inappropriate. But now it looks like Sol Phenduka is ready to venture into gospel music, or is he? 
The music producer recently posted a hot new picture of himself on Twitter. From the colour scale, to the pose he assumed, to his outfit in the picture, it looked like a textbook photo that would be used as the cover of a gospel music album.

He joked about it, saying he should maybe venture into the industry. But the response he has received is certainly not what he expected. 

In the usual fashion of creative SAns on Twitter, they took their liberties with the picture, and proceeded to edit it to look like an actual album cover. One gave the picture an album title and added his name. 

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The one that takes the cake, though, was one fan who edited the whole thing and even came up with song titles for the album, and added them to the photo. The picture caught Sol’s attention, and he was thoroughly tickled. 
Fans have poured into his mentions to encourage him to go ahead and release one album, and he has mentioned that he is actually considering doing so, seeing how much traction his joke has gotten. He said perhaps he will do just one song; we are all children of God after all, so no matter how controversial he may have been, he cannot be locked out of the possibility of being a gospel artist. 

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Sol, in his usual fashion, recently ignited a conversation on social media that almost landed him in trouble with parents. He brought up the fact that there are parents who raise children without teaching them their native African languages, thinking that it’s only cool to speak English and other European languages, but it is actually not. 

Your African kids not being able to speak an African language isn’t a sign of progress and high class. Its nothing to be proud of. Its actually just silly,” he wrote. 
As you can imagine, he ignited the wrath of the parents who were raising their kids in the manner he had critiqued. They had all manner of reasons to defend their choices, first telling him that until he has kids of his own, he does not get to have such strong opinions on how they should be raised. 

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