Somizi On Feeling Unsafe

"I am terrified"

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Award-winning Media personality Somizi Mhlongo took to Instagram to share how unsafe he feels when he is in Joburg CBD.
In a video that he shared, Somizi said he would rather walk with lions at Kruger National park, than walk in Joburg CBD.

"Tell you about Joburg CBD, It scares the living sh*t out of me. It's as if I did not grow up around here. I grew up coming here with my parents every Saturday or month-end but yooooh I am terrified," he said.

Somizi said he was in Joburg to collect some items urgently. He continued, "so I have stopped so that I can put things, this thing (showing his LV package)" at the back, in the boot before they see me because wow."

His fans also took to the comments section to share their Joburg CBD stories.

Misschaz_ responded, "I'm absolutely terrified of JHB CBD. It legit scares me, I'm from Dbn. I once went to fetch uAunty eMTNRank Jesu this guy had a gun sitting on his waist strap casually. I wanted to cry."

Lerato said this morning she saw someone getting robbed.
"Just this morning a guy was mugged right in front of me at gunpoint, last year October I was mugged, I'm terrified of the place but I have no choice😢"
A few minutes later the TV star gave his fans an update saying he made it safely out of Joburg CBD. He also shared that he went to Alexandra to buy food encouraging people to support black businesses.

"It is so beautiful to support each other. Black people let's support each other...," he said showing the mouth-watering food that he bought in Alex.

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Meanwhile, Somizi is reportedly returning to his Idols SA judge's seat after he was axed following the abuse allegations his estranged husband Mohale Motaung leveled against him.

ICYMI, Mohale revealed that at one point, Somizi physically assaulted him leaving him with broken ribs and almost breaking his two teeth. 

Somizi denied the allegations saying: "Our relationship has its ups and downs but I have NEVER been physically or knowingly emotionally abusive towards my estranged husband. I vehemently deny the allegations of criminal acts towards him and would like to clear my name of that defamation. 

"What I am going to state, however, is that we had one altercation in which I had to defend myself, and both of us were physically hurt by the other. I am at this stage not at liberty to dive deeper into the details but can state that he is not a victim in this situation."

Responding to Somizi's statement, Mohale issued another statement maintaining that he suffered abuse during their relationship.

"I did in fact experience abuse at the hands of my estranged husband both physical and psychological. It is not my wish to seesaw my experience against his as he only has his conscience to reckon with," said Mohale in a statement.

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