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This new hosting gig is a win for Som Som

By  | Jan 11, 2022, 11:00 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

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It's a New Year and already Somizi is winning despite the losses he suffered last year. Somizi got knocked down once in his career but managed to pick himself up, and this year is no different.

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Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela reported that Somizi Mhlongo will be hosting a new show on Moja Love called Lovey Dovey. The show is one of many love seeking competitions which accommodates people from the ages of 25, right up to the age of 45. 

Winners stand a chance to get married and also win R500 000. The show will premier on March, 19.

Somgaga is currently going through a divorce but he will not be needing the shows services because his bed is allegedly getting warmed up by Mohale's former friend. The man he was spotted kissing at Ayepyep Lifestyle Lounge is known as Lindile Mbadu.

Musa Khawula said the duo were renting an expensive accommodation which costs R55000 for their stay in Cape Town.  He then explained this confusing love 'intersexions', "Somizi and Mohale get married. Alan and Lindile attend Somhale's reunion as a couple. Alan is Mohale's bestfriend hence the invitation to the wedding. Somizi and Mohale file for divorce, Somizi dates Lindile who is exes with Mohale's bestfriend Alan," he explained.

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Mohale could not be more unbothered with this as he too went on some romantic getaway with a man. After news of Somizi's new love interest, Mohale said he could give no f***s and mentioned that he is busy catching flights and not feelings.

Somizi also has another show up is sleeves as his reality show is said to be making a come back. Living The Dream With Somizi returns for yet another season but with a few changes with the production team.

When Phil announced that Bar Leader, owned by Legend Manqele will no longer be producing the show, many people thought it was kind of expected. But he shut them down by saying the reality show was the best he has ever done.

So this might indicate that there is no bad blood between the two of them. One of the reason for him not being part of the team is probably because confidential information was leaked to the public.

Legend Manqele conducted a "confidential" interview with Somizi's then husband Mohale Motaung, for the diary sessions. The audio which is believed to have been recorded during the beginning of their marriage, got leaked and many fingers pointed at Legend Manqele.

Many people assumed he had malicious intentions but he since denied those rumours. He told TrueLove, β€œI have no idea who would do something like this,” said the Bar Leader CEO. β€œThis is not how I do things, and I always try as best as I can to protect my peace. I was also shocked when I discovered that the recording had been leaked.”

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