Somizi To Gift Fan With Gucci And LV Clothes!

Blessed is the hand that gives!

By  | Aug 15, 2020, 11:00 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Top of The

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Somizi Mhlongo takes the saying "Blessed is the hand that gives because it will receive abundantly" to a whole different level.

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Known for having a heart made from pure gold, Somizi always gives back to people whether on social media or personally.

A fan wrote a very sincere message to Somgaga on Twitter where he asked for his old clothes and shoes that he doesn't wear anymore.

To his surprise, Somizi responded saying he is gathering the clothes for him, hoping that they are the same size. He then asked for his address and the rest is history.

"Dear Somizi Mohale Mhlongo. You said we should ask the Universe and it will respond.I wrote this to ask the Universe to ask if I may please have your old clothes and shoes that you don’t wear any more,"

Somgaga responded by saying, "the universe has responded to timing is perfect...I hope we wear the same sizes...what's yo shoe and suit size?" he asked.

The entertainer assured his fan that his clothes are on their way.

This is one of many of Somgaga's good deeds. Last week he tended to three of his follower's requests, where the first one was a chef who needed some new cookware, the second was a mother whose son is a major Somgaga fan, she wants Somizi to sing happy birthday for him. And the last was a designer who Somizi promised to purchase 10 of his clothing items.

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